Work Visa for Canada from Pakistan

Work Visa for Canada from Pakistan
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Almost everyone of us wants to work visa for Canada to pursue our professional careers. Also, those who want to continue their education via Canadian scholarships and then after degree completion, they want to do some job there. That’s also a perfect plan.

In at least one of the stated ways, one must apply for the Canada work visa in Pakistan. It is best for the ones who aim to go to Canada having the purpose of career building in mind. 

Channel of application

As now we’re coping with the COVID thing, so most applicants are instructed to apply via online mode for achieving a work permit.

The application procedure

First of all, checking all the necessary documents is the main step of application process. The designed person checks all the required documents that one must have for the work visa

Also, we need to make sure one thing. All the included documents must be having biometrics as well. 

In case, your documents are not duly fill in or if something is missing, so automatically the documents will be return to you very soon without any delay! The process of work visa remains unprocess then.

Other important belongings regarding work visa

Along with the other documents, you will be also check in terms of the following: 

  • The list of employers who get failed to conform the necessary conditions to ensure that the employer may hire you.
  • Qualified status for a work permit

Other questions may include:

  • Visit the officials in your country and take an interview with them. 
  • Need to provide additional information and documents

 You may be ask to submit the documents in your account as well. Also, you must know the difference between the time zones of local regions and UTC.

Need of a medical

To enter Canada, one must be having his/her medical examination as well. Further, the officer will let you know regarding the next steps. 

A time span of at least 3 months is required to process the application of work visa.

Get in-touch with the application status

In these corona times, one must have a strong check regarding the updates of work visa application process. We may be update in 2 regards:

    • Our application
  • Where do we stand with the application procedure 

Consideration of application as ‘approved’

Once your application gets approve by the higher officials, you’ll soon get an approval letter or letter of support. 

It acts as a proof that the candidate’s application for the work permit has been approved. 

The letter that you’ll get allows you to work in Canada. 

While you travel to Canada, you must be having this letter with you. This letter is not considered actually your work permit, but only a minimal proof.

canada visa
canada visa

The day you’ll arrive in Canada, only then you can get your work permit

The work permit allows you the following: 

  • the kind of task/job that you can easily do
  • the feasible person for which you can work 
  • where you can work
  • at what length you can work. 

Conditions for the visitor

The one who is a visitor and he/she is applying to get a work permit in Canada, he is asked to work while the time of application processing.  

Designed eligibility criteria

One must be consider eligible if he/she meets the following define criteria:

  • One should be present physically in Canada at the time of application 
  • Your status validity must be shown as a visitor when you apply for a work permit
  • In case of visitor’s status expiry, one is needed to refresh his/her status before the time of applying for a work permit

Needed documents for having Canadian Temporary Work Permit

Many people wish to go to Canada for attaining some specific goals. It means, they don’t want to settle permanently in Canada. Rather, they only want to visit on the temporary basis.

For doing so, some important paper work is essential to be done.

The very first step is to collect all the required documents in order to process the Canadian temporary work permit application. The need documents are state as under:

    • A valid passport or travel document 
    • Two or three snaps of yourself and the same number of pics for the other family members (if any) 
    • The specific proof of fulfilling all the requirements for your designated job.
    • In case of further requirements, a certificate called ‘D’Acceptation du Quebec’ is need.
    • Evidence of all the close relationships like spouses, children and others. 
  • If anyone is residing outside Canada, so his/her application must be completed (Application for Work Permit Made Outside of Canada
  • Completion of family information forms
  • Completion of temporary resident visa’s application form. 
  • This form should be duly fill in by: the applicant himself, his/her life-partner and the common-law partners like children elder than 18 years old. 
  • This form must be complete only by foreign nationals who need a temporary resident visa to go to Canada. For a full list of countries of citizenship, travel documents and travel purposes that do not require a Temporary Resident Visa requirement.
  • All children (who are consider to be dependents) older than 18 using a representative are also ask to complete this form.

This is all about the Canadian work visa and its requirements. Condition may be different when it comes to work permit. 

For instance, some of us wants to get the work permit on the permanent basis, some wants to get only for a short span of time as a visitor/temporary basis. So, according to the each type, there is a sight change in requirements and stuff. 

Canada Prime Immigration (CPI) is highly obliged to provide such wonderful opportunities so that everyone of us can avail them and make our ways ahead.

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