Why i’m quitting Black Hat SEO websites and moving to White Hat Blogging

I want to make this Blog post a personal part about my own life and hope this post will inspire others who want to quit Black Hat SEO websites and go for White Hat SEO.


I start making Black Hat SEO websites for a very long time lets say my first Black Hat SEO was like 9 years ago ( 2010 ), and i make over 500+ websites in all these years and yes 100% are only Black Hat SEO websites, using a lot of Black Hat SEO strategies just to pass Search Engine security and fight almost ALL the time to stay up.


To be a Black Hat SEO webmaster is not easy how many believe.

Sometimes is really tiring to keep fighting a lot of webmasters and even Google, Bing and another search.

Yes, i know sounds really weird you need to fight Google, Bing and another search engine out there.

But you don’t have a choice, Google all time will fight you back when you build this type of websites because most search engine they don’t want you there and they don’t need this type of websites.

But because the money it’s good and faster you get stuck with them.


Let me explain you why is so tiring to be a Black Hat SEO Webmaster.

One of the reason is, all the time you need to build new websites!

All Black Hat SEO websites are getting banned after a period of time, can be few months can be few years BUT all the time you will end up getting banned and removed from a search engine!

So you need to keep working all the time and make new websites, code new scripts, study what your competitors are doing who use almost the same strategies as you.

All time is about learning and fighting back.

When you are young, is a lot easy to fight them all the time.

Let’s say i really love to compete with other Black Hat SEO webmasters and make better than them.

I can say my ” Imagination ” was a really good key to success is this fights.

To be a Black Hat SEO webmaster you can’t only copy paste other people strategies and expect to grow big like them.

You need all the time to make something new, new strategies, new ways to trick search engine to pass their securities.

All the time you need to build something new!


To be a successful Black Hat SEO webmaster you need to be able to code and build your own websites platforms, you can’t expect you can build these websites with WordPress or free platforms out there.


My basic coding language is PHP, but i have friends who use Python language for this.


If you were telling me like 2 or 3 years ago i will want to start quitting this type of websites and start blogging i will just say ” You are crazy! ” but life change and i feel the time only is passing so fast and i still need to fight each day!

I talk before with some people who were suggesting me to move Blogging and share about my work via Blogging but i believe before none will really care to read about all this.

But these days i start to see different how the internet really working.


I build this Blog GetsMeUP.com more like a personal Blog but i will focus to share Black Hat SEO strategies or other ways to make money on the internet.

And of course White Hat Strategies to, reviews and what is good and bad on the internet about this.


If someone has the question if this will be my only Blog i will say no, i want to go amazon and good affiliate Blogs where the real good money is.

But i’m not gonna quit this Blog!


I want GetsMeUP.com to be my life story Blog and the same time to help others, i believe i have alot of years in websites, SEO and other ways to make money on the internet.

I start making websites when i was 16 years old.

I know they are alot of Bloggers out there who say they are an expert on these domains, BUT most they have no idea because they never have experience about the real world of Black Hat SEO.

Black Hat SEO is not only to build BackLinks!


When i was 16 years old i didn’t have computer home or a laptop, so i was going alot to the internet cafe.


I was going Internet Caffee even if i didn’t have money to stay on any PC there, i was good friends with the workers so sometimes they allowed me to stay and use PC for free.

My first work was an internet coffee cleaner.

Yes sounds funny but i was cleaning the internet and i can stay for free on their PCs

I was young like 15 or 16 years old.


But one day all change when i see a person who comes to the same internet cafe i was staying most of the time, and he starts downloading images ( GIF Images ) from the internet.

When i see his downloading this type of images i stayed on his back ( like a creep hidden ) and see what he’s doing.

My natal country is Romania and i stayed in my country till i make 18 years old, after that, i move to Asia.

On that period of old times, you were can build free websites using go.ro


This man who was downloading the images from the internet he was putting them on USB and his own website.

And share his personal website URL with his friends on the internet cafe.

This way i got his website to ( forget the URL after so long time … ) and start to study what he’s doing.


I was like WOW i want to share my work with other people too.

So from a gamer and losing days to chat with girls 🙂 i start to study how to make websites.


From mistake i found a program for HTML editor was called ” Namo ” i download it for free and start learning the HTML

Was a long process i think took me like 1 year to learn this and after to learn CSS.


My first website was only HTML pages with GIF animated but was a very big accomplishment for me.

But the same time i start losing friends to … i didn’t have the time to stay with them all day long.


Day after day i start to get less and fewer friends till i have almost none left.

I was focusing too much in this, didn’t want to lose my time with nonsense and i keep learning, i become from a popular guy be a nerd alone.

Do i regret this? No, i don’t!

Because my old friends never understand why I’m losing the time to learn something like this.

Most of them believed i was just losing my time.


But i believe this is my future from day one, and because this i focus to learn about it.


When i got 17 years old, my father buy my first PC, he really needed the PC for his shops, yes i know sounds weird but i didn’t come from a pure family but i never like to focus on my family budget, so all time i want to make the money on my own.

From that moment when my family buys the PC i was staying to there shop almost 24/7, sleep there, eat there i didn’t even want to go home anymore.

From that time i start to learn alot about websites and coding.

I was playing games too and even this days i’m still playing alot of games.


Websites and gaming are what my passion is.


And i hope one day i will be able to build my own game, my imagination is so big and i believe i can offer a good game to, but to make a game these days is not cheap.

And even to start a new Blog about gaming or add on this Blog about games still not sure.


Anyway back to the story 🙂

When i got 18 years old my brother already moved to Asia, and he suggests me to move where he was.

So i decide to move there too.

When i move to my brother in Asia, my brother makes me a big surprise and buy me Namo Pro edition.

Now because i have the last version of this program was alot more easy to learn the HTML and CSS.

I loved this program because they allowed you to see the HTML source and this way you can see what each command is doing.


After that, i start learning Photoshop and PHP.

I even start building websites designs in Photoshop and sell them on DigitalPoint.com

Was a really long adventure and fun the same time!


Till the day i meet the first Black Hat SEO website.

The website was adult content 18+ and i never understand why this website was so big.

I was using Alexa.com alot and even this days i still use Alexa.com to check websites rank.

The first Black Hat SEO website what i see was looking really simple and kinda weird but he had tons of traffic ( daily visitors ).

Took me a few days to try to understand what he’s doing to get so big.

I see on his footer part of his page he has like random URL with most weird letters what changed each time i refresh his website page.

Was the first time to see this, so i was like why he has this.


And i decide to learn PHP and copy his words and make a website like him.

Took me like 1 or 2 months to accomplish this, i was really a starter in coding, and was no information that time on the internet, like REALLY no good information, even this days you don’t find real information about Black Hat SEO Strategies.

Most people who make this type of websites they stay hidden and they don’t share with others.

I know some Black Hat SEO webmasters will gonna hate me for this!

The reason they gonna hate me is I’m sharing the real truth about this, and in this type of websites they are still alot of money to be made!


Sharing with everyone for FREE is meaning more competition for the future.


But in few months i success to make my first Black Hat SEO website, was mostly a copy paste from that dude website and took me like 2 to finish the website, but when i start it, the website starts to grow so fast!

In the first 2 months, i got like 10.000 visitors per day, after that when the website was 3/4 months old i have already 100.000+ visitors per day.


This was the first time i start making really good money on the internet!


Till the day another webmaster who uses the same strategies report me in a forum and to Google, i found out about him because i was using the same forum as me.

The forum is still up for who is interested BlackHatWorld.com


And my first Black Hat SEO end up the glory and was fully removed by Google on the search engine.

And the same time i got really mad too because i know the dude who reports me was using the same strategies and his website was still UP.


This is the days when i learn never share your Black Hat SEO websites on the internet.

If you want to become a Black Hat SEO webmasters just stay hidden and you and your websites.

You need to become a shadow for Google and other people.


This issue makes me more and more hungry for this type of websites and i start to build more and more websites.

Google started to become smarter and smarter each year, so i was needed to get smarter and smarter the same time with Google.


Most of my Black Hat SEO websites was holding for 5 or 6 months or even 1 or 2 years.

But all of them end up banned on Google and removed from Search Engine.


I was ready for this fight, i was young and i only care about fast and easy money how everyone wants, and i find the best way to do this.

In my mind was ” Lets rock and roll ” and i start the fight with Black Hat SEO webmasters and Google.


When you join the competition.

You gonna need alot of visitors to can make a good income with this type of websites, but when your website grows other people losing traffic.

So they will try to get you banned.


The competition in our world is really really big.


I was leaving the dream, making money from the internet!

But the same time i needed to work almost every day to can hold this!


When you are very young you don’t care much about what will happen in 10 or 20 years from that time.

You only care about to make alot of money and have fun.


But all change 5 years ago when my young sister come here to Asia with the idea to stay here for a very long period of time but she stayed only 1 month.

She wanted to find her own condo to rent in a good place but not very expensive.


So i help her to find the best place here where i stay, and one day when i was helping my sister to buy her staff with my girlfriend to her new condo she has access to a swimming pool for free.

And she was allowed to get few more family members to can join her for free, so she gives me free access to can join there anytime i want.

When i go to her condo to register in the same room how long i was waiting with my sister and my girlfriend to complete the papers, i meet a man.


He was really bored waiting and the same for us to, took us like 1 hour almost to finish there ( if i know will take so long i didn’t even go that day ).

And i start talking with this dude about websites, he asked me what is my job.


I told him i am webmasters developer and i build websites, of course, i didn’t want to tell him ( i’m a Black Hat SEO webmaster ) and having alot of this type of websites …

And i ask him what is his job and why his waiting here.


He told me he is there because he’s moving from that place to the most expensive place from this country ( he was a foreigner too), i really mean the most expensive.

The condo rents there can go up to $5.000 or $10.000 per month.


And he told me his a Blogger.

That day i was like how come a Blogger can make so much money to can be able to stay in this type of places.


I have the worst idea about Blogging at that time.

Because i know most popular Blogging websites has like 10.000 or 20.000 visitors per day.

And i keep asking my self WHY this dude with a Blog and i’m sure he’s not one of the Top Bloggers he can live there and me who i have that time over 700.000+ visitors per day i can’t.


The traffic difference was really big, but i know from start Blogging don’t have much visitors.

I forget even his Blogging website because he told me his website … i was like yea sure … is impossible to make so much money with Blogging.


But that dude remain in my head and even this day i still remember about that conversation, BUT that conversation makes me ask the question why.


I never believe before with Blogging you can really make money, i was thinking is just time lost, because i learn my self to make alot of money you need alot of traffic.


But 1 year ago when i was watching Youtube, i see a video from a mistake ” How much a Blogger is making per month ”

I don’t know why i click on it or why Youtube suggest me this video ( sometimes i believe Google really know the future these days)


And was a really good video where a Blogger is explaining to you how Bloggers is making alot of money with fewer visitors.

I was like WOW this can’t be true and i still didn’t believe it.

And even if i believe this, i was even scared to write a Blog post!

English is not my first language, and even this days i still have an issue write, and i was really scared people who will join my Blog will just make fun of it.


Till 1 month ago when AGAIN Youtube show me 1 more video about ” How much money a Blogger is making ”

I’m like really? I don’t even watch this type of videos on Youtube, I’m more watching gameplay or funny videos or paranormal videos ( yes i know sounds weird ) and i love watching documentary alot too.

But i was so bored and i say okay i’m gonna watch this video to.


These 2 guys make me to really open my eyes about the power of Blogging and how much you really can do just using White Hat and write Blogs and make alot of money.

This is there Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCytOqtKYpACcWMD14UjhSeQ

I don’t know them, and they don’t know about me.

But i can say, i watch alot of there videos and how Blogging really works.


Till in one video they say with a Blog who have like 500 visitors per day they make over $4000+ per month.

And i believe them because this 2 Youtubers they show statics from there websites how much their websites is really making.


If they fake the statics that is part 2, but i believe they didn’t because is not the only video they show their income.


And these videos make me thinking WHY with so fewer visitors you can make so much money and with Black Hat SEO websites you don’t.

One of the reasons is Black Hat SEO websites they are not accepted by good ads like Google Ads, Amazon, etc.

And alot of good affiliates they don’t work with this type of websites.


With a Black Hat SEO website ( adult content ) to be able to generate $5.000+ per month, you need to have over 400.000+ people per day.

And they were making this money with only 500 visitors per day!

I know the difference is insanely big.


But because this period of time is not really good for me, i start to study more about Blogging, i lost few weeks just watching videos and reading what other people say about Blogging.


Yes, true you still can make some good money with this Black Hat SEO websites, but after so long time you start to get tired of keep fighting each day, month and year.


I was talking with a friend who has the same type of websites Black Hat SEO and right now his alot bigger than me, but he was explaining to me he has the same issue as me.

He wants to stop this too, and i believe all Black Hat SEO webmasters after a period of time, possibly not now but in future, they will end up the same like me and my friends.


Asking what i did all these years?


To be a Black Hat SEO webmaster after a period of time you start to get depressed alot.

Even me and my friends we have this issue, but i believe i’m a strong person and i still believe the future will be better, but i know they are Black Hat SEO webmasters out there who don’t have someone to talk, and because this i make this Blog with the hope i can give a word out for the shadow community.


You are not alone and you are welcome to talk with the same people like you.


I’m sure some people are asking if I’m still a Black Hat SEO webmaster, and the answer is yes when i write this post i just start Blogging, and of course, i need to survive till i success on this new topic.


But i believe this will be my future, i don’t plan to quit Blogging!


And if this Blogging can help me generate the money to survive per month, i have in plan to fully close all my Black Hat SEO websites, i still own like 100+ websites 🙂


I want to fully quit this Black Hat SEO websites, and the same time to share my stories with people who are interested in this.


Hope my story will help others who are still in the same issue.

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