Which is the Best Washing Machine in 8 kg? LG or IFB?

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If you have a mid-size family, there is a likelihood that you cannot make do with a small washing machine. In this case, a washing machine with an 8 kg capacity will be the perfect fit for your needs.

When buying a washing machine, there are a few factors you have to take into account. These factors vary according to your preferences and requirements:

  • Size or capacity
  • Front-load or top load
  • Brand
  • Price
  • Features

If you are searching for a good deal on LG washing machine 8 kg price, you have come to the right place. We will also tell you if an IFB washing machine will be a better choice for you in the 8 kg segment.

To begin with, there is a stark difference in the features offered in an LG washing machine compared to an IFB washing machine. Both companies, however, have a wide range of products to choose from, both top load and front load.

Let us draw a comparison between the two brands

Advantages of LG washing machine 8 kg:

  • Comes equipped with inverter technology which is found only in select IFB models.
  • Unique Direct Drive Motor technology
  • Likely to be quieter and more durable
  • Global brand

Advantages of IFB washing machine 8 kg:

  • Offers more (14-20) wash programs than an LG washing machine
  • Comes with a voltage protection feature
  • Reliable after-sales service
  • Indian brand

You must remember some other specifications that might help you make the right decision in choosing a washing machine. These specifications include quality of materials, after-sales service, washing performance, and, of course, the warranty offered.

The most important thing you need to do is determine which model is most appropriate for your needs.

First, let us take a look at some LG models

LG top load 8 kg washing machines offer the following features:

  • Smart inverter technology (saves energy)
  • Jet Spray+ (handsfree wash)
  • TurboDrum (thorough cleaning)

Here are some popular LG top load 8 kg washing machine models:

  • T80SPSF2Z
  • T80SJSF1Z
  • T80SJFS1Z

LG front load 8 kg washing machines are more expensive and, thus, have more innovations:

  • 6 Motion Direct Drive (less vibration, less noise)
  • Touch control panel and child lock
  • AI Direct Drive (optimal wash for fabrics)
  • TurboWash (less time for each wash)

Some popular LG front load 8 kg washing machine models include:

  • FHM1208ZDL
  • FHV1408ZWP
  • FHV1408ZFP

Now, let’s see what IFB has to offer in competition

IFB top load 8 kg washing machines are among the most popular in India. Their features include:

  • Aqua Energie (dissolves detergent better)
  • 3D wash system for comprehensive cleaning
  • Hot Wash at 60°C

Here is a couple of IFB top load 8 kg washing machine models:

  • TL – SBRH
  • TL – SSBL

If you are willing to spend a little more, IFB front load 8 kg washing machines are a good option. They come equipped with the latest technology, such as:

  • CradleWash system (gentle cleaning of delicate fabrics)
  • Float Ball Valve (lets water out, keeps detergent in)
  • Power steam (dual steam cycle)
  • Water-saving technology

Some IFB front load washing machine models you can consider are:

  • Senator Plus VX
  • Senator VXS
  • Senator Plus SX
  • Senator WSS STEAM

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The practical way of purchasing the best washing machines in India

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Summary: If you are searching for an LG washing machine at an 8 kg price or checking out the features of an IFB washing machine, you’ve come to the right place. Here is a comprehensive guide to help you decide which is the better washing machine for you – LG or IFB? Our picks of these top load and front load models will meet all your requirements. Look at our comparison and make an informed choice about your dream home appliance.

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