What type of Website Content to use and get a lot of Visitors – Black Hat Steps

Attention! This post is only for people who want to build alot of websites using Black Hat SEO Tools and Content!

This type of websites you can expect they will never grow ( success rate to grow this type of websites is 40% for now ) and this websites will stay in search engine for few months or 1 or 2 years till search engine will block and even ban the websites!

If you want a website strategy to hold for a long time and don’t be scared of Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc so your website will not get banned by them then this is NOT what you need!


Okay now, let’s start the story 🙂 I hope you understand Black Hat SEO websites will not last a long time!


1) Searching the content:

To be able to build this type of websites you need some good source of content where you can find alot of it, some good source what most webmasters are using is grab adult videos 18+ and show them on there website ( millions of videos ), before Google allows you to even build your own Youtube style website and have millions of videos ( but they remove this option like 1 year ago )

Let’s say you find a good source of content and you start using PHP cURL to get there content on your website and your website has millions of videos or what type of content you have.

If you get video content my suggestion is to find a way to play the videos via your own player ( Hotlink Mask ).

But the same time you need to expect if you success to get the content from that website possible will be other webmasters to pages titles will be duplicated on multiple websites ( your website will still grow but if you have unique content you will grow alot more but is kinda impossible to make so much content to hold this strategy manually )

Some tricks what some webmasters are using for content ( some ways will request you build the database ).

– If the content lets say is about videos, they use videos title and search in different websites with the original title and make a combination from multiple titles to become one, this way your video title will be more unique then no changes BUT you will need a database to store the titles.

– Some webmasters are using to replace some words in titles with similar words or synonyms so the titles will look different than normal.


2) Searching Tags Websites content on your website ( this is requesting database storage )

Let me explain to you what is Tags Page, this Tags Page is keywords what people are searching on different websites or in Google, webmasters who build this type of strategy they are collecting from Google Search page ” Searches related to ” or other websites who have used already Tags Page on them.

Tags Page can be even broke words ( you will be amazed how many people type wrong words on the search engine ) and if you have alot of this type of Tags Page lets say 1.000.000 and you grow in most of them the first page on Google expect big traffic for your website.

To find Tags websites is kinda easy if you know how to find them, the hardest is to find the first one and from there you can use their Tags Page keywords and search on Google and find others websites ( most Tags websites they copy from each other the Tags )

Most time Tags Page can be found on the bottom of a website with the fake title ” Recent Search ” but they are only random Tags from database storage ( if you search adult videos websites +18 content on Google Search Bar i’m sure you see alot of websites this way i can’t share adult websites URL on this blog so you will need to search on your own, is not hard you can find them fast because they are alot )

One more way to find the Tags Websites is to check there bottom page is they have like 10 / 20 random links pages with title ” Recent Search ” and refresh the page and most websites will show different Tags Pages on each page refresh.


3) How Many Tags to use on one website.

Some people are collecting a large database of tags from multiple websites and after when they release a new website they select from the big Tags Database a total number of Tags.

Most webmasters they are using 500.000 Tags Pages but they are webmasters who use even 1.000.000 Tags Pages per website.

I suggest to don’t go more than 1.000.000 Tags Pages per 1 website, better build more websites.


4) What type of server and storage to use for this.

I suggest to get a good dedicated server with alot of space from OVH.com, for this type of websites i used MySQL for storage but the output ( to search and show content on websites ) i use Sphinx.

Sphinx is a Linux application what can clone your MySQL database and is alot faster to hold a large number of visitors and faster search results then MySQL

You need to remember your websites will have alot of content and possible visitors and the website need to be really fast.


5) A new trick for Tags Websites.

A webmaster who i understand come from Romania he success to build Tags Website with Adult Videos Content from big tubes and all his website end up unique, he success to pass Google filters and security.

I can’t share some of his websites but if you search Adult Websites Tags who have .pro domain mostly is him.

The way he succeeded to pass Google security and most of his websites ( he have over 40+ websites ) to grow over 2.000.000+ visitors daily each of his websites ( yes i know is really crazy this idea )  he used this command only on his videos page.




Now i’m sure you gonna ask your self why only this HTML command make him one of the biggest Tags Webmasters out there at least for now.

Because he blocks all his videos content and uses videos title to search URL on his page ( Videos Titles was used like Tags ) and all his content become unique because of Tags Pages.

I know a friend webmaster who tries to use this strategy and he told me is not working anymore (I didn’t try this on my own ) but the Romanian Tags websites are still up and running and he has over 100.000.000+ visitors per day ( in the adult industry this amount of people can generate you alot of money )

But because his website destroys alot of small websites and other webmasters, the webmasters did there best so this Romanian webmaster gets banned in most ads.

The learning from this is, when you start using Black Hat SEO don’t push it to strong … if you are lucky and you find a way to jump alot expect alot of webmasters will start to complain because when YOU grow someone else or more websites die and lose the money, don’t forget even Google have limited traffic to.


This is an old way to get insane traffic for your new websites and make fast money, but don’t expect this will work for a long time.

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