Top 17 WatchCartoonOnline Alternatives That Still Work (2023)

If you are a fan of cartoons and anime, then you are at the right place. Watchcartoononline is an online platform where you can stream your favorite cartoons and anime. 

Those users/viewers who want to watch their favorite cartoons but have trouble understanding them because of language barriers can change the language to English on WatchCartoonOnline, as dubbed cartoons are also available.

Is WatchCartoonOnline still working

No. Currently, WatchCartoonOnline is down in many countries, so if you face the same issue, then there is nothing you can do but search for alternatives.

Moreover, we have found some domains under the same name that are currently working fine, and they are stated below:

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Option no 2
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Option no 5

17 WatchCartoonOnline Alternatives

The article includes a list of websites that contain both new and classic cartoon arrangements as well as positive reviews of cartoon films.

There are several websites where you can watch cartoon episodes and clips for free. Here are 17 similar websites to WatchCartoonOnline you can visit right now.


1. Kiss Anime

Kiss Anime is a site where you can watch almost all of your favorite anime series. The only question that arises is whether this site has English-dubbed anime or not. And yes, it does have English dubbed anime, from One Piece to Naruto; you can find almost every anime on this site.

Note: If KissAnime is not to your liking, then you may want to read our blog post on alternatives for webtoon XYZ.

2. Anime Pahe

Another site that is similar to this is Kiss Anime. AnimePahe has almost every genre and has a wide selection of dubbed anime series.

What makes it better than Kiss Anime is its user-friendly interface, which adds value to the user experience.

3. YouTube

The most well-known and reliable online movie service. You can watch any film on this website, and most importantly, you can download it.

You can upload videos to YouTube, watch them, or download them from there. YouTube has become one of the most popular video search engines.

4. CartoonsOn

This website is a great resource for finding your favorite animation shows. This website will accept images for searches that can help you to have your favorite cartoon show freely available online. On the website, cartoons are easily accessible, which is wonderful.

The user experience could be improved even if it redirects you to other websites and advertisements.

It replaces KissCartoon and is visited by approximately 5 million people from different countries.


If you’re a dedicated cartoon fan, offers an extensive collection of animated shows. Utilize the search box to easily find the cartoons you’re looking for. 

While you may encounter advertisements leading to other websites, rest assured that the user experience on this site remains satisfactory. These ads open in new tabs, so you can simply disregard them. 

Notably, boasts a standout feature – the “Light off” option. This feature allows you to watch films while enjoying a clutter-free screen devoid of unnecessary distractions.

6. Disney Junior

Disney Junior is where the magic truly begins. This website provides free online viewing of all your favorite cartoons, even for adults.

The user interface is intuitive and user-friendly, making it effortless to search for and enjoy the cartoons that evoke cherished childhood memories.

Additionally, Disney Junior offers extra perks, including the option to download cartoon programs, a music bar, engaging games, and more.

7. OtakuStream

For those seeking the latest anime releases, OtakuStream stands as one of the premier choices. It offers a unique Light/Dark mode option tailored for both day and night use. 

What sets OtakuStream apart is its exceptional user interface and experience, coupled with the absence of intrusive advertisements on its homepage. 

Users have the convenience of signing up through Twitter or Facebook for a personalized experience. To enhance your enjoyment, utilize the user-friendly search bar to quickly discover your favorite anime titles.

On OtakuStream, you can also find genre collections. Here are some popular genre collections.

  • Comedy
  • Drama, Horror
  • Thriller
  • Action
  • Romance
  • Journey

8. Adventure Time

When it comes to Adventure Time, this website exclusively offers videos in U-HD 1080p video quality.

Navigating the site for this particular series is a breeze, ensuring a seamless viewing experience.

9. SuperCartoons

SuperCartoons offers an effortless way to relive the nostalgia of vintage cartoons. Thousands of classic Disney cartoons and musical animations are at your fingertips, even if they’ve slipped your mind. 

The search field simplifies finding cartoons by character names, and the well-labeled menu adds to the user-friendly appeal. No downloads or registrations are necessary, making it even more enticing.

10. AnimeShow

AnimeShow provides a vast collection of anime from around the world. While it boasts an extensive selection, it’s worth noting the presence of pop-up ads, which may lead you to consider alternatives.

11. Watch Anime Dub

Despite its anime-oriented domain name, Watch Anime Dub offers more than just anime.

This versatile website includes sections for subtitled movies, cartoons, and anime. What sets it apart is its impressive user interface and experience.

12. Vimeo

Vimeo is a well-known platform for video content. Here, you can create, watch, share, and download cartoons for free. For enhanced features, there’s an option to upgrade to the premium version.

13. Cartoon Network

The Cartoon Network library is exclusively available on this website, complemented by a variety of kid-friendly online games.

Enjoy a pop-up-free user experience and interface that enhances your streaming experience. The provided video player adds to the quality of your viewing.

14. Hulu

Hulu offers free online cartoon viewing and access to high-quality, error-free films. However, it’s important to note that access may be restricted in some regions, necessitating the use of a VPN for worldwide accessibility.

15. Disney Now

Disney Now provides its exclusive content in a user-friendly environment. While its content may be limited, the user experience is top-notch, and it delivers an ad-free platform for your enjoyment.

16. Cartoons8

This website offers a large selection of entertaining and thrilling series that you can enjoy right away.

On the website, you can find a list of the most popular cartoons and those with the most views. In addition to subtitled cartoons, dubbed cartoons are also available.

17. Comedy Central

With the help of this website, you can access a wide collection of cartoons and animated videos. It is not necessary to register online because both are registering.

Here you can watch shows such as Drawn Together, South Park, and Ugly Americans.

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