The difference in White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO

What is Black Hat SEO:

Black Hat SEO is used most of the time so your websites, blogs or forums to be fast boosted on Search Engine like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Sometimes Black Hat SEO is called Fast Cash Machine by webmasters who use these methods but is more like a Poker Game ” Win alot if you are lucky and go away “.


The most used strategy for Black Hat SEO its spam Tags Links.


Tags Links Spam is a strategy when webmasters are collecting an insane number of words, this word is collected in a strategic way.

Let’s say you want to get alot of people on niche ” cats “, to do this you need to collect alot of sentence words similar for ” cats ” and even words what is called Broken Words SEO


Why Broken Words SEO?

The reason Broken Words SEO is used even by popular websites,

Its because people who search on Google, Bing, Yahoo they misspell their words and sentence and webmasters is focus to get on these words top 1 in search engine.

Broken Words SEO is much easy to grow then original words.

Example if you try to grow in word ” cat ” is almost impossible, but if you make the word to be ” caat ” you will have more chance to grow and be top 1.

Alot of people they misspell the words, and i’m sure even you few times you type wrong on the search engine.


How many people you can get with this?

Let’s say the most popular website who i know and they used this strategy they have over 20.000.000 visitors per day or more if you know about there Rank was 300

They focus on global words, not only one niche, and they have over 10.000.000 broken sentences database list.


A very popular name for Broken Words SEO Strategy

The most used name for this strategy is called Tags Links.

People use Broken Words and create internal pages example and this page is showing content like related posts or related videos via his search or random content.


Is this method still working?

Yes, and alot of webmasters is still using it even this days.

The easiest way to find if a website is using Broken Words SEO is to check on their bottom page.

And if they have there ” Most Recent Search ” then most of them are using this strategy ( This is not including Google who has ” Searches related to … ” )


Most of these links Tags Links, they are NOT Most Recent Search used by real people on their website, they are only random Tags Words from there huge list.


How old is this strategy?

I believe this strategy is over 16 years old and i still believe the first person who makes this was a person from Russia.


How do i know about this so much information?

I’m a webmaster for over 15 years and build over 500+ websites till now, and i’m not proud to say but i used this strategy alot before too, because this i know the real information about this and how is really working, most Blogs out there who say about Black Hat SEO they have really have no idea about the real truth, they only use this to grow on these keywords without real information.


But i decide to make this Blog and send the real truth about what is really happening in the Black Hat World, hope my Blog will give the real information about this.

I know alot of webmasters who use this strategy they will gonna hate me for share this information with you and for FREE.


Black Hat SEO Tools

Now you know about the Broke Words SEO Strategy called Tags Links and most used Black Hat SEO on websites, but even with this strategy is still not easy these days!

One of the reason is that alot of people doing this, i believe 1 from 1000 is using this method, but to get strong and fast boosted you need to start building backlinks to your website.


The most powerful program to build Backlinks is Xrumer.

To buy Xrumer is only $260 with no referral code and $240 with referral code one-time payment but after you gonna need to pay $10 per month.


XRummer Buy Page With My Promo Code


Why Xrumer?

Xrumer is used to spam blogs and forums but most forums, this program is built especially in a very smart way so you can be able to spam alot of forums with it and not getting catch and banned on forums.

To spam forums links automatically you need a bot, a bot who fully know to register and login to forums, and most forums this day are using captcha.

Xrumer has captcha broker what is called Xevil.


How Xevil works?

Xevil is the best captcha decoder tool, can resolve almost any captcha even Google Captcha in 1 second, because this Xrumer is most used to Black Hat SEO Backlinks build.

To be able to get Xevil you need to buy Xrumer Standard and you get for FREE Xevil.


Building BackLinks for my website is Black Hat SEO?

Yes, i believe if you build your self manually or using Backlinks programs like Xrumer for your website is still Black Hat SEO and i still believe Google, Bing has the same opinion.


Is really worth to build Black Hat SEO websites?

My answer is NO, let me explain to you why Black Hat SEO websites are not good.

Building a Black Hat SEO website you can’t only expect to grow big without any work, you still need to make alot of work on them

And let’s say you are lucky and one of your Black Hat SEO websites grow today and start getting really big traffic and alot of people start to join your website, you can’t expect the website will last for a long time!

Black Hat SEO websites most of the time they are getting banned on Google Search Engine and Bing and other search engines.

Black Hat SEO is used only to grab fast cash and ” run away “.


Of course, you can do this for a long time and build 200 or 400 websites and get really good income for a period of time, but don’t forget time is fast and money is fast going to.


If you focus on only Black Hat SEO websites then when you will get older you will remain with 0 websites and no money.

I even suggest for my friends who still making this type of website to move away from Black Hat SEO websites, if you want a better life for the future.

Because this i even decide to build this Blog and share my experience with people who wants to study and learn about this.


I’m NOT in favor of Black Hat SEO or pushing anyone to use Black Hat SEO strategies on their websites! This is post is only for study! So people can understand about this subject!

I believe, im an expert on this strategy, i have over 9 years of using Black Hat SEO, and i can tell you they are good times and bad times!

And i strong believe making a good website like a Blog and share your ideas and what you feel about your favorite niche is a much better and alot more fun and better income for the long term.


Using Tags websites you will NOT get accepted by Google Ads or most good payng Ads out there!


You will need to use ads who pay 100x times less than Google Ads or other Top Ads for websites.


Using this strategy you gonna make like $5 or $10 with 10.000+ people per day, of course, this depends from what country you have the most visitors, but using this strategy your Top Country will be India.

Indians the way i see they are trying to use English words to search content on Google, but because English is not there native language they make the most mistakes.


I don’t say they are not Indians who there English is really good, but in general, any Indian person will say the same.


PS: Before to end about Black Hat SEO, if you start using this strategy you need to understand the competition is very huge to the same time, let’s say if one of your websites growing using Black Hat SEO you will get alot of reports to Google and another search engine from other webmasters.


Even this webmasters who report you in the back they are using this strategy, but because you can’t know what they are doing.


The reason they report your on Google and other search engine is when your website or websites is growing other webmasters who use the same strategy and tools will lose traffic, Google will get traffic from them and give it to you, so if they report you and Google ban you, then the traffic you were getting from Google, Bing and other search engine is going back to them.


The competition is very big on this!


White Hat SEO:

White Hat SEO is the best way to grow your website, and the reason it will be for a long time website.

If you want to build a website to have it and make money for 10 or 20 years or all your life, the White Hat SEO is for you!


White Hat SEO websites are taking time to grow at least on start, you can’t expect a White Hat SEO will grow fast like a Black Hat SEO website.


But when White Hat SEO website is growing you gonna have it for a very long time, Black Hat SEO website you gonna have it for a short period of time!

To build a good White Hat SEO lets say a Blog, to make the Blog successful you need alot of content on your Blog, so if you want your Blog to grow faster you need to focus on it.


A successful Blog most Bloggers say is needed to have at least 30 posts, But post with good content.

If you want to make a White Hat SEO Blog select a niche what you love to do and you have already experience!

A White Hat SEO website can take you even 1 year to start getting people on it, but don’t forget this website is to stay for a long time, even possible to give the Blog to your kids in future.


They are ways to boost your website using White Hat SEO?

Yes, you can use make videos on Youtube, or share your website or blog on Facebook or Pinterest or other websites who they allow you to do this.

A different good way to boost your website on White Hat SEO is to contact Blogs website and give them a good Blog Post content for a backlinks in return to your website or Blog.

If the Blog Admin loves your post content he will gonna accept!

And this way you get a really good White Hat Backlinks for your website.

Attention! Don’t start spamming the same content on multiple Blogs, most Bloggers can see if your post content is unique and if is not you just gonna make bad rename for you!

If you want more White Hat SEO Backlinks to build more unique content and offer to other Blogs for a Backlink in return.


How much money you can make with a White Hat Blog?

About this question, I’m not really sure the answer, this Blog is the first Blog i ever created so i’m gonna learn on the way and i will do my best to share more information in future about this topic, but after studying other bloggers, i believe you can start generating money with your blog even in 3 or 4 months.


I see a blogger who just starts his Blog website ( I’m not sure if he used White Hat SEO but his only a starter so i believe he did use White Hat SEO ) and in 4 or 5 months he starts making $100 per day.

Other Bloggers, they generate in there first 11 months from when they start there Blog over $100.000+ total profit.

I know they are bloggers out there who even make $100.000 per day.


To make good money with White Hat SEO website is not easy, you need to make new content almost daily, you need to be able to focus at least 6 or 8 hours per day and build content on your website or Blog, the start of this is very hard i know this, because your Blog or website can give generate almost $0 for first few months or even years.


Because this i suggest to most people who want to start a White Hat SEO website or Blog to select a niche what they love and have already experience about it if you have the experience the topics will be much more easy to write them and find them.


Don’t forget hard work is well paid in future!


Thank you for the time you take to read my post if you have any questions feel free to ask me via comments and i will try my best to answer all your questions how long i know the answer.

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