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UPDF is a Unique, Productive, Delightful,  Free PDF Editor just like its name signifies. It’s an efficient editor that assists to edit PDF content with much ease including pages, texts, images, objects, and much more! It’s available not just in Windows but also on Mac, Android, and iOS as well. UPDF is a completely free PDF editor as you don’t pay a penny for any features or updates. The stunning user interface of UPDF is user-friendly and amazing!

In this blog post, we will discuss the key features of UPDF, the various ways it turns useful, its advantages, and a few quick run-down steps of how to edit a PDF.

There you go with the key features of UPDF next!


Following are the main key features of UPDF discussed in brief, 

  • Ability to View and Annotate PDF files– You can adjust the page layout options, use the tabbed format to view multiple PDF files together, facilitate looking out for a specific text in the document by filtering results, manage the bookmarks as well as organize the PDF appropriate manner for later use.
  • Ability to Edit Text in PDF– This feature allows you to add, cut, copy, paste, and delete texts in the PDF and alter the text properties such as font style, color, size, alignment, and much more.
  • Ability to Edit Images in PDF– You can add new images to the PDF by removing the existing image rapidly as well as crop, delete, replace images and rotate the pages from the PDF.

  • Ability to seamlessly Manage Pages– This property supports inserting and removing pages from the existing PDF and rotating pages left and right as per the user requirement and enduring to use of the thumbnail option to reorder pages of the PDF seamlessly.

UPDF serves plenty of uses as well, the next section will reveal them.


There are so many uses of UPDF, let’s chec kout a few of them!

As per Sandra’s statement about UPDF, “I like using the tool because I get files with the original format intact. The OCR feature also allows the conversion of scanned PDFs to searchable and editable formats, which is a great bonus for our office use.” UPDF (iOS)supports to scanning the PDF to convert into editable formats in over 10+ languages worldwide.

As per Rose’s affirmation, “With the massive data on my iPad, UPDF iOS App has offered peace of mind since I know that the data is fully secured. With the ability to create a private space which is a password – protected area on my device, I can securely store my files, photos,  and videos without any fear that any other person can access them without my permission.” It is specifically stated about the reliability and security UPDF offers to its users.

That’s all about the Use cases of UPDF. It’s time to chec kout the advantages of UPDF in the next section!


There are many advantages of using UPDF as discussed below,

  • The major advantage is it’s 100% free at no cost.
  • UPDF is available on Mac, Windows, iOS,  and Android
  • No watermark placed on PDF after editing and saving the file for further use turns it convenient to use freely and comfortably.
  • A plain sailing interface without any complications to use for editing PDFs.
  • There are no limitations in the usage time just like a trial run as you can obtain the entire version for 100% free at no cost as well as it is fast to suit heavy workflows.
  • Provides secure and quick navigation due to the user – friendly interface, easy – to – use features,  and guidelines of UPDF.

Exciting right? The next part drives you through the steps to Edit PDF Pages in UPDF.


First,  open UPDF and select any PDF to continue further.

If you want to edit a block of text,

  • Click the “Edit” tab at the top of the screen to open the editing mode.
  • Select the specific block of text and click inside to detect the text cursor.
  • Here, you can cut, copy, paste, and replace text as per your requirement.

If you want to edit an image,

  • Under the “Edit” mode click on the image for the image editing toolbar to appear.
    • Then after, you can rotate, crop, extract and delete or replace the existing image.
  • Alternatively, select the image and right – click to display the PDF image editing toolbar.

If you want to edit PDF pages,

  • Click the “Page” tab displayed at the top of the screen to review the page management tools of UPDF.
  • From the page management toolbar you can insert a blank page, rotate pages, remove pages and do much more activities.

Experiment with these wonderful features to get stunning results!


UPDF contains all the necessary tools one requires to Edit a PDF professionally. So what are you waiting for? Download the Free PDF Editor UPDF application for your operating system and enjoy the unlimited features  free of cost. In conclusion, we looked through the key features, advantages, use cases, and steps to edit a PDF in UPDF.

Meanwhile, get started and enjoy editing!

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