NBA 2K22 – Jeff Green’s Glorious ‘Signature Series’ Update

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Following the announcement of the Signature Series VI player card pack in NBA 2K22, a slew of impressive upgrades have now been introduced for players new and old, including for 35-year old Denver Nuggets’ current Small Forward/ Power Forward, Jeff Green!

Denver Nuggets’ outgoing forward, Jeff Green, is no longer as nimble and accurate as he once was, but that hasn’t stopped NBA 2K22 from releasing a new player card update for the 35-year old American basketballer.

Taking his playing time at Cleveland Cavaliers as the peak of his abilities, Green’s latest player card now comes as a Pink Diamond Player Card that arguably ranks him amongst the top 100 players in MT!

Here’s a look at some of Green’s new player card’s best attributes:

(SF/ PF) Jeff Green’s Pink Diamond ‘Signature Series VI’ Player Card: OVR 96

  • Stamina (Athleticism): 98
  • Close Shot (Shooting): 96
  • Driving Layup (Inside Scoring): 96
  • Offensive Consistency (Shooting): 95
  • Driving Dunk (Inside Scoring): 95

Additionally, Green has tons of player card Badges for you to enjoy with too:

  • Finishing
    • Acrobat (Hall of Fame)
    • Fast Twitch (Hall of Fame)
    • Fearless Finisher (Hall of Fame)
    • Limitless Takeoff (Hall of Fame)
    • Posterizer (Hall of Fame)
  • Shooting
    • Catch and Shoot (Hall of Fame)
    • Corner Specialist (Hall of Fame)
    • Set Shooter (Hall of Fame)
    • Difficult Shots (Gold)
    • Green Machine (Gold)
    • A few more
  • Playmaking
    • Downhill (Hall of Fame)
    • Quick First Step (Hall of Fame)
    • Ankle Breaker (Gold)
    • Bail Out (Gold)
    • Bullet Passer (Gold)
    • Many others!


  • Defensive
    • Clamps (Hall of Fame)
    • Intimidator (Hall of Fame)
    • Menace (Hall of Fame)
    • Pick Pocket (Hall of Fame)
    • Pogo Stick (Hall of Fame)
    • Loads more!

If Green seems like the perfect player for you to have in UT, try your hand at the latest ‘Signature Series VI’ player pack today!

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After getting the Unicorn Ball on PS4 or Xbox One, PS5 or Xbox Series X | In S, they have solved the problem of preventing the opening of the “somewhere …” trophy / win.
Indicates the movement of the main player when illuminating the card with a dark meter and when using “rotate all”.
Current average patch update 1.12 – 05.17.22
Preparations for NBA 2K22 Season 7 begin PT / 11AM ET / 4PM BST on Friday, May 20th. Listen to what’s in our store!
XP Coin Inventory will be updated regularly after receiving the Search Award without having to re-enter MyCAREER.
The following players and coaches have received new scanners and / or general similarities or tattoo updates:
Derek Rose
Jimmy Butler
Auto Porter
T. J. McConnell
Terry Rosier
Angelo Russell
Gillian Brown
Management Jordan Basin
James Weissman

Jude McDaniels
Gillian Greene
Sam Hesser
Jose Alvarado
Aaron Henry
Trundon Watford
Justin Champagne.
Omar urtsrtson
Saleem Stodomer
Judge Russell
Theo Meldon
Paul Reid
Lammer Stevens
Sean McDermott
Brodrick Thomas
Devin Kennedy
Miles McBride
Joe Wescomp
Isaac’s liver
David Johnson
Brendan Boston Jr.
Ariha Sims

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