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Starting a new Blog or Website these days with a very low budget to invest can be a really painful issue.

These days to success you need 2 or 3 tools, even more, to buy and pay monthly and their price can be really insane.

Most tools these days, tools what you need to succeed to faster grow on Google can cost you up to $100 per month for each tool!

To start a Blog or Website you need to be able to invest $300 or $500 per month from start only to get tools to help you, and even with this tools, you can’t expect 100% success rate you gonna make money soon or later.

How is any business out there you need to invest money to make more money or you can be slower and hope you will succeed.

But the internet is big and you still can find strategies to make it FREE at least for start!


A small story so you can understand some information about my Blog is my first Blog, and i’m not planning to use any SEO paid Tools or Paid Keywords Research to boost my Blog on the search engine in first 6 months or 1 year depends on how the Blog will do in future, this Blog is created because i want to share my experience with people who are interested to learn about them.

I know alot of White SEO and Black SEO strategies i have over 15 years experience on websites but not Blogging!

Is true will be more easy for me to know what i need to do for my Blog, but the same time i’m gonna share what i’m doing with it using only free tools!

If you follow GetsMeUP for future posts and my Blog is successful you gonna know each step’s what i did to be there if my Blog fails then i’m sorry BUT I’m gonna try my best!

I decide to don’t use any paid tools for my first Blog because i want to share my experience with the next Bloggers who are interested to start and they have no budget for this.

This way i can learn more about this and share on my Blog, hope if you find my Blog helpful you gonna follow me in my journey!

I will still share Paid Tools what i test them on my own before or on my other projects and i believe they are good and can help you.

Thank you.


Let’s go back to FREE Keywords Research!


Do i really need Keywords research tools?

Yes and no, if you are just started and you are new on building websites or Blog a keywords research can help you learn faster how SEO works, the same time Keywords Research can help you find easier keywords what people search on Google related to your niche and where the competition is smaller.


What is Keywords Research?

Let’s put it this way, your Blog or website niche is about ” sports car ”

And you want to find what people search on Google related to ” sports car ” but to be able to be page #1 on Google Search you need to find the small Competition Keywords for your niche.

If your just a starter or your Blog or Website is just released a few months ago will be almost impossible for you to grow in the most searched keywords for your niche!

You still can grow on this short keywords using Black Hat SEO how alot of people are doing, but using these strategies can affect in a very negative way your Blog or Website in future and is not cheap and not 100% success rate!

You gonna need to use similar but longer keywords what people still search on Google let’s say ” pink sports car ” ( this is only an example of keyword! )


How to check for FREE if the competition if is big or small for keywords?

The easiest way to check for the competition is to use your title keyword you decide to use for your Blog Post or website lets say ” cute pink sports car how to keep color for a longer time ”

And search on Google.



Google Search – cute pink sports car how to keep color for a longer time


How you see on About Result for ” cute pink sports car how to keep color for a longer time ” is total of 76.800.000 this amount is still a really big amount of competition!

The best results for is 100.000 and maximum 1.000.000 and of course depends on your niche too!

If your niche is not popular then 10.000 is the max, but if your niche is about SEO where the competition is huge then you need to don’t pass 1.000.000 results and yes i know is almost impossible to find them for FREE and the same time to have good content for that post to.


Good keyword found is useless if you don’t make good post content for it so Google can put you on the first page.


To be able to fight for small keywords competition and win page 1 on Google Search in some of them your website or Blog need to get age! You will do this but in 2/5 years or more after your Blog or Website is already known by Google.

You can’t expect to make a new website and go the first page on Search Engine for small keyword ” sports car ” from first week or month, some keywords can take even 5 or 10 years and will still not be possible!


If your niche the top websites is a huge company then will be almost impossible to win vs them.


You can still win but you gonna need to invest alot of money to do so.


How to use Google Search to find some related keywords what people search?

Let’s use our example long keyword ” cute pink sports car how to keep color for a longer time ” and search on Google

Google Search Related


Each time when you use Google Search on bottom of there page is showing you related keywords what people use to search on Google, you can use this related keywords to create new topics for your Blog or website but the same time you can click in each of them and see more related keywords!

This is a FREE way to find more content and keywords what will gonna work for your Blog or Website, but you need to expect alot of Bloggers and Webmasters are using this strategy so you need to follow the related keywords and go deeper and find the keywords with low competition!


Is another way to find keywords?

Yes,  you can use your competition Blogs or websites to find what they post and check each of there post titles via Google Search.

In most case your competition they gonna use Keywords Research to find their new titles for there post, you gonna need to find 5 or 10 Blogs or Websites with the same Niche and check them daily what they post new.

Top Keywords what you use is most Title and your competition the same!

Now you need to understand, the big websites on the niche they will use short keywords because they are old and for them is alot easy to use small keywords to grow on Google!

But if you just started you gonna need to find 5 or 10 Blogs what they are new but not very new and they have traffic on there Blog or Website.

You need to focus on Blogs or Websites what they are only 1 or max 3 years old and find them.


Let’s try to find a Blog for an example keyword niche ” list of cleaning tools in housekeeping blog

When you Google Search for this keyword you gonna find Blogs about this niche, you need to open 1 by 1 and find Blogs related to your niche.

If your Blog niche is about house cleaning ( example ) then you gonna need to find Blogs what is page 1 or max page 2 on Google Search Engine.

Don’t forget all time select 5 or 10 Blogs even more and save them on a list! If you think there niche is similar for your Blog or website then save them on a list!


Google Search – list of cleaning tools in housekeeping blog


Let’s select our first example from this search


PS: I’m not the owner of any of the Blogs or website from example, i just find them via searching on Google, if you are the owner of Blog or website on this example i make sure i will link your Blog or Website 🙂


They are 2 free tools what you can use all the time for FREE and get little information about each website!

  • – Site Information
  • – Site Information


This 2 i believe can be a really good combo strategy for start to be able to see competition keywords and how they get visitors from Google or how old is their Blog or website, Alexa Rank can show you like how much traffic they have per month. make new update past months and now they show even more information about the website you need.


Did you know is own by Amazon? 🙂


Before each Blog or Website, you start to scan let’s give it score 100


Let’s start first and find out how old is this domain via – Website Age


Our first Blog from our example is 5 years and 11 months … almost 6 years old.

Because the Blog is so old is already easy for them to use short keywords to grow on Google!

This gives our Blog score -30 so from total 100 score our new score will be 70 for


Let’s see Alexa Classic Results is saying about this domain.


Alexa – Global Rank


This is really bad results, this statics is showing they were really good in the past 1 or 2 years ago but their website traffic drop alot now.

From 1500+ visitors per day they have before now they have like 200 or 300 visitors or even less than this.

An easy way to see an estimated how much a Blog or a website have traffic per day is to use


CuteStat – CreativeHomeKeeper – Daily Traffic Range


But because their website drop alot then is a huge Red Alert for this, and i give -30 for the score, the new score is 40

I believe their traffic drop because the owner of this Blog stop adding new content to it when you stop adding content and more competition has come to your niche ( don’t forget he start this Blog almost 6 years ago ) more people start to create Blogs Post for the same niche with more new information and the owner starts losing traffic.

Or other reason the owner just let the domain to age, and he will start creating content again soon, aged domains what is already started will be alot better in future when you start adding content again.

This is one of the reasons some people buy aged Blogs or Websites so they don’t need to wait for a long time.

You can even use Google and see how much content a Blog have.


Google Search –


The content is not so bad, but the same time i believe on their niche can be added alot more and update there content with better information, times change so new content will be all the time for this niche.

To let a good Blog die how they did with this one, was better to pay a writer and post new content at least every 1 or 2 weeks.

This way they didn’t lose so much traffic … alot of Bloggers they have multiple Blogs some of them have even 40+ Blogs, i know is hard to manage daily so many, but you can get writers and pay them for project or month to help you keep this Blogs up.

Because i believe they stop adding content and all there content is old already i give again -30 score so for the new score is only 10


Now using Alexa Preview Alpha we can find more information about this Blog and see what keywords they grow and get the most people from Google Search etc. Alexa Preview Alpha


Alexa Keywords Info for Creative Home Keeper


Is never to bad to check each Blog who have the same niche as you, more data and information is good to keep it for the future.


Anyway, this Blog i believe is not a good Blog to follow and use their new title Blog content and create your own content, But with hard work, you can find few blogs what they are good to follow!

Don’t forget alot of Bloggers use Keywords Tools Research, so is good to check there new Blogs Post or Website content if they are still active and make the same niche content.

I don’t say to copy paste their Article content, but you can use the title.


Hope this Blog Post help you understand how to use FREE way to check your competition and use there Keywords Tools Search for your own too.


If i get more Free Tools updates about this subject i will make sure to add more content for the future here.


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