Is Blogging for me? Let’s find out

Let’s start this topic with a few questions, so you can find your answer if you gonna success as a Blogger or not.


Do you talk alot?

Yes, this is a real question! I believe to be a blogger you need to be able to talk alot with your friends and family, talking alot can help you make a long Blog Article and fast easy topics for your Blog.


Can you invest at least 2 or 3 hours per day on your Blog?

To build a Blog you need to be able to invest 2 or 3 hours minimum on your Blog almost daily!


How much do you like to write with your friends on social media or using mobile to send messages to your friends or family?

I know this is a really weird question, but if you don’t like to keep a conversation via writing with people then this will be a huge issue.

To be a Blogger you need to write alot.


What is my reason for starting a Blog?

Let me explain to you why this question is really important for you.

Most people who want to become Bloggers because they want to make money from the internet.

Don’t understand me wrong, is good to make blogging for money, but at the same time Blogging is not only about money!

To be a Blogger you need to build content for your Blog!

A Blog is like your own company brand on the internet, to grow your company you need to invest time, dedication and money.

To start a Blog is not really expensive, but is not really cheap too.


If you start your Blog and you have no content on your Blog then you will not be a Blogger!


How much money do i need to invest in a Blog?

For start you gonna need to buy a domain name, a domain name is like your new business on the internet.

You can buy a really cheap domain from this is my favorite place to get domains, i believe they have the cheapest prices for it and alot of promos.

After you got the domain you will need hosting for Blogs, i suggest to start with

Dynadot Domains .com can cost you like $8/year and a host from BlueHost can cost you like $3/month

You need to invest $11 to can start the Blog.


How much content do i need to make for a Blog?

After studying for a few months about this question, i success to find out what most Bloggers say.

  • 30 Blog Posts = Small Blog Content
  • 60 Blog Posts = Medium Blog Content
  • 100 Blog Posts = Big Blog Content
  • 200 Blog Posts = Really Big Blog Content


This depends of course of your niche too, some niche you can generate content alot faster because they are alot of subjects to talk about,

And other niches they are not the same.


How do i know exactly how much content i need for my Niche Blog?

If you really want to find out the total content you need to build for your Niche Blog, then i suggest searching on Google Blogs who have the same niche as yours

To make a Blog Niche, you need to have experience with it.

Let’s say your Blog Niche is about ” motorcycle review ” and let’s hold this example.

If you never used a motorcycle before then will be alot harder to write about it.

To be able to give Good Blog Content to your visitors, you need to be able to offer them good information about this.

If you want to make a Blog lets say about a motorcycle, make sure you used a motorcycle, before you start writing about it!

If you don’t have a motorcycle, ask your friends who have one or you can rent a motorbike.


In our days you can rent almost anything ( I really don’t joke you can rent even a girlfriend in some countries )


Finding what your competition say about your niche

Let’s start now to spy your niche competition and see what your competitors and people say about your niche.

Let’s say your niche is ” motorcycle review ” and you want to talk about motorbike and you have already some experience about this.



Let’s go Google Search and search for ” blog motorcycle review ” and find a top Blog for your niche


One of the Popular Blogs for ” Blog Motorcycle Review “


Now we find one of the top Blogs for the example Niche, let’s go to his website and see how many Blogs Article he have.


Attention! Some Blogs use Pagination like Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, etc … and some other Blogs are using auto pagination for Blog Article like in our example.

If the Blog is using Pagination like Page 1, Page 2, etc then you can easily to make a calculation

Let’s say the Blog has 10 Pages and on each Page, he has 8 Blog Article per page.

To find out how many Blogs Article he writes we make this way

Total Pagination ( The biggest number on his pagination ) + Total Articles Per Page = Maximum number of Blog Article

On our example is 10 ( Total Pagination ) + 8 ( Total Article Per Page ) = 80 Blog Post Article

This way you can easily find how much content you need to create on your Blog.


Auto Pagination via Jquery / Javascript


Don’t worry we can still find out how many Blog Article he has!

The easiest way to find out about how many Blogs Article any Blogger has in his Blog Website is to go and check one of his article URL

In our example is

Now we know his Blog Article Directory Location

His Blog Article Directory is

Let’s go and Google Search this URL to find out more information

Go Google and write ” site:


Google Search – Total Blogs Article on a Blog.


Searching this way on Google we found out he has over 12.800 Article indexed by Google.

When a website has over 2000+ Article indexed by Google can be 2 reasons, he uses the Blog Article Directory for his Tags keywords or in the back of this Blog is an army of people who write alot of Blogs Daily and is almost impossible to pass them.

Alot of Big Blogs are made by Companies to get FREE Advertise and Clients for there products.

Even if on your niche the biggest Blog is a company you still can get traffic, even if you need to fight an army of people you still can get visitors to read your posts!

You need to make sure your content has more information about the niche article then your competition.


To become a Blog you need to understand most niches have other Bloggers who they already big and old in this industry.

But if you really like your Niche and Blog then you still gonna success!


When you start a Blog don’t be like a robot who write, try to explain to people more information like a person and a friend, don’t forget the visitors are people too who like the same niche like you and they are interested to learn more!


Finding what real people search about your niche

Let’s use our example niche Blog Motorcycle Review

Google is offering you ” Searches related to Blog Motorcycle Review ”


Google Searches related to Blog Motorcycle Review


This is a real sentence of what people are searching on Google from the niche you want to make.

You can use these words to create related content for your niche and find more Blog Article subjects of what people are interested to find on Google.


Hope you understand what is to become a Blogger and how to use small tricks for your new Blog.

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