How you can make 10x or 100x more money with your Amazon Affiliate Blog

Let’s start with how to make your Blog Niche and after how to make money with it via Amazon Affiliate.


If you are new and you still don’t have a Blog then read this first.

To have a successful Amazon Affiliate Blog you need to follow these steps.


  1. Find your Blog Niche
  2. Buy your brand domain name.
  3. Find a host
  4. Install WordPress on your Domain
  5. Find a Free or Premium Theme
  6. Start making content about your Blog Niche
  7. Submit your Blog to Google and Bing
  8. Waiting for the traffic
  9. How to make 10x more money if your Blog success to make sales on Amazon Affiliate


How to find your Blog Niche product so you can be able making money with Amazon Affiliate

A good way to find a good product niche is to go Amazon and see what products are HOT sell.

To find this information from Amazon is to follow this URL

This way you can find Top Sell products on Amazon.

But at the same time using Top Sell products from Amazon the competition will be a lot bigger too.

To make fast money with Amazon Affiliate you need a product what the competition is not really big.

To check if products have a bigger competition we can use Google Search to find out.


Let’s say you are interested to sell some Electronics, and you are interested to sell ” Smart speaker Alexa ”

To find out the competition for this product go Google and search for ” smart speaker Alexa review ”


Google Search for ” smart speaker Alexa review “


How you can see the total results are over 60.000.000+ this is a huge red alert for this product too much competition!

Is almost impossible to get your Blog so high in rank so people can find your Blog Niche on Google!

To success in Amazon Affiliate Blog, you need to find a product where the competition is not so big and at the same time, people order from the internet!


Let’s work with a smaller product whose competition is a lot easier and you can still have the chance to grow on Google Search.

After checking Amazon Top Selling products i found out ” Ring Chime Pro, Indoor Chime, and Wi-Fi Extender ”


Amazon Top Product ” Ring Chime Pro, Indoor Chime, and Wi-Fi Extender


This product is only an example! I don’t say to use this product to make your Blog,


Let’s search now on Google and see how big the competition is for this product.


Google Results For Product ” Ring Chime Pro, Indoor Chime, and Wi-Fi Extender


How you see this product have alot less competition then Alexa Speakers but still 600.000+ is a big competition but still 100x better than 60.000.000


The best product is to have less than 100.000 results but the same time you need to make sure people order from Amazon, the process to find the best product will less competition is not easy but when you find it will be a money machine!


Hope this example will help you to study and find a good product for your Blog.


When you find your Blog Product you gonna need to start making your Blog.


Building the Blog

The best platform out there for this type of Amazon Affiliate Blogs is WordPress. is used by most Bloggers and i believe is the most powerful Blog platform out there.

To make your Blog you gonna need to buy a Domain and get hosting for your Blog.

A domain can cost you up to $8 per year and if you don’t have a big budget for start you can get hosting for only $3 month and a really good hosting can cost you up to $25 month

When you finish buying the domain + hosting start installing your WordPress.

After installing the WordPress you gonna need a theme ( design ) for your Blog, you can find a lot of Blog Theme for Free or you can buy premium Blog Theme all depends on how big your budget for this Blog is.


Starting adding content to your Blog Niche

Making the content for a product will be hard if you never used the product!

But they are ways to do this to.

  1. You buy the product and use it for a few days.
  2. Read what other Bloggers say about it.
  3. My favorite way is to watch some YouTube videos about this product.
  4. Or you can use all 3 ways

After you learn more information about this product now is the time to search on Google about this product.

Put your self in the place of customers and think like them.

What people are interested in this product, or what is there questions about this.

Or even check on Google Search and see what people are looking for this

If you follow this URL


Google Searches Related


This way you can see what people are searching on Google related to your product.

This is a good way to make content about the product on your Blog

You can even use YouTube to search and see what videos have the most view, this way you can see what people are looking for about this product


Youtube search Amazon Product


Now after i give you most free ways to find information about this product and find the product to create your Blog.

You gonna need a lot of content for it!

Some products you can write a lot about them, but some products you can’t.

But most Amazon Affiliate Bloggers suggest having at least 30 Blog Post about the product!


When your Blog is up and running and you add some content to it, make sure you send your Blog to Google and Bing!

I make a full tutorial on how you can do this, you can follow this URL and see ” How to get your Blog noticed by Google ” if you follow this steps your Blog will be fast indexed by Google without using any tricks!

Don’t forget when you send your Blog to Google, Bing or other search engines will take some time till you start to receive visitors/clients to your Blog.

Sometimes can take a few weeks or a few months and even a few years!

This depends of course if your Blog Niche Product has less competition you will get faster visitors to your Blog, but if your competition is BIG then expect to wait a lot more time!


To pass your competition make sure your Blog Posts are good information! Add photos to about the product!

People love to see Photos about the product not only plain text.


Now let’s say your Blog is UP and running and you start to have visitors to your Blog and you start making money with your Amazon Affiliate.

I know when you start making money is the happiest time!


But do you know you can make 10x more using your Blog and Amazon?


Let me explain to you how to do it! And why most top Amazon Affiliate is not telling you about this!

Did you know most Amazon products come from China?

Yes i know sounds really weird but 70% of Amazon products are shipped from China.


To understand how this trick is working you need to understand the products what you find on Amazon are other people who buy the products from China and send them to Amazon.


TOP Amazon Affiliate they don’t want you to know about this, because if you know they gonna lose money!


Now i’m gonna tell you how you can get 10x times more money with your Blog selling products on Amazon


Did you know you can buy your Blog niche product from and shipping them to Amazon?


What is is where most Manufacturers and Suppliers from China come and sell their products, you can buy almost any product for a really cheap price from and ship them to Amazon!

Let’s see an example of how much is on and how much is on


Let’s make an example ” 2019 Best Selling Metal diamond Wireless Portable Mini Bluetooth Speaker price range for ” 2019 Best Selling Metal diamond Wireless Portable Mini Bluetooth Speaker “


The price for this in is US$7.10 – US$9.80/ Pieces and you need to make a minimum order of 50 pieces.

If you order more pieces then you gonna have more discord.


Now let’s go and see the same product how much is the price there. price for ” Mengen88 Smart Phone Speaker, Bluetooth 4.1 Sports Outdoor Card Mini Diamond “


Now because we know how much is the price range from vs

Let’s see how much you can get.

Alibaba Price = let’s say $7.99 per piece

Amazon Price = $47.99 per piece


So total income you get from selling 1 piece is $47.99 – $7.99 = $40


To buy the product from Alibaba and sell to Amazon you get $40


But don’t forget Amazon gets a 6-15% cut FEE for each product you sell on their website.


With $40 you still left with $30 or $35, from this amount of money you still need to pay the like $5 shipping to can send them to Amazon.


So overall from this product after paying all you are still left with $25 or $30 for each piece and that is your own money!


If you sell someone else products on Amazon via affiliate you get only $1 or max $3 for 1 piece but if you buy your own products and sell them after via your on Blog and Amazon

You can get $30 is already 10x


And selling your own products and people buy it from Amazon, your products at the same time have the chance to grow on the first page on Amazon search and when someone is searching for this products they will see your own product in the first page.

If your product will jump to the first page on Amazon you will make even passive money from Amazon! You gonna make 100x more then you do.


This is a real hidden strategy and a lot of Top Amazon Affiliate they don’t want you to know about it.


If you know about this and start buying your own products and sell them on Amazon, you will not sell their products anymore and they gonna lose money!


Hope this article will help you understand more ways to make money with your Blog Niche website 🙂

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