How to optimize Blog Posts for SEO 2019

How to optimize your Blog Post to pass your competition?

After studying for a few weeks and trying to find the best tools and strategy to can help boost your hard work articles on Google and other search engines.

In my last post, i talk about how you can use the competition to keywords research and at the same time get an extra idea what to write next on your Blog.

Keywords Research for FREE for Blog Posts and Websites 2019


Did you know if you write at least 1 Blog post per week for 1 year Google will boost your blog articles alot high in Search Engine?

For some niches is almost impossible to write alot content about them, but the key to success is to write minimum 1 article per week

If you plan to write 1 article every few months or every few years then don’t expect you gonna get in top 10 search engine results pages.

To succeed at content marketing without creating blog posts on a regular basis is almost impossible to grow, you need to be able to create at least every 1-week new article on your blog.

Did you know most blogs out there they create new content 1 time every few months and some blogs they don’t have new content for more than 1 year?

This type of blogs they almost never grow and if they grow from before they will gonna start losing traffic if they don’t already!


Starting and making a successful Blog you need to have a strategic plan for it.

Don’t be like them, if you want to make good money in 1 or 2 years make sure you post at least 1 time per week!

Don’t forget even a small amount of traffic can make you alot of money!


How to optimize Blog posts for SEO

Writing good content on your Blog you need to think about build an audience because your readers will become your followers and subscribers

The same time will follow your affiliate and possible buy your future ebooks or products if you plan to sell in the future.

Internal Links is one of the best ways to keep your readers and visitors active to your Blog and at the same time ranking highly internal links on the search engine!

Page SEO is an important part of Blogging to rank higher on a search engine, rank pages will get alot more new readers and followers to your Blog!


This is one of the reasons most SEO bloggers is telling you to study search engine optimization before you start building a Blog.

You need to make sure your Blog have good setup so your pages on your website can be easily found if a visitor is interested to check more articles.

I see before Blog websites who was so hard to find the Blog posts and what is new on their Blog, building your Blog friendly for readers you need to make sure readers can find easy the content.


Title tags are the most important part of an article!

If your blog is new, you need to use long title keywords to be able to get visitors from search engine.

Don’t forget meta description is an important part to increase your target keywords!

You can use title keywords tags to create a short description for your article.


Using your keywords in a natural way in your post isn’t a bad SEO practice.

But, don’t overdo it because you gonna end up with “ keyword stuffing ” and it could very well get you penalized by search engines and even fully removed from it


Don’t forget, now or in future people who work to Google will check your Blog, and if you use bad tricks to boost your Blog they gonna see it.

Better stay safe than sorry later.


Building multiple Blog Posts after a very long time some topics will start to repeat themselves because when your Blog is only one niche, some explanations can help in more ways not only one way.

And to don’t repeat your self each time is good to use Internal Links on your Blog and the same time linking your other Blog Posts can help local SEO and boost other Blog Posts on Google!

But the same time adding too many links to an article i don’t believe is a good idea, alot of readers want to read all information on the same page, so even if some idea needs to be repeated then go for it.


Starting a Blog or Website with a low budget and if you are a starter and you don’t know what SEO is it can be really painful!

And one of the Biggest issues, if you want to start your Blog in English Language and English is not your native language or your have issue about writing in English this can be a really negative boost.

But these days we can find alot of FREE tools to help to fix most of the issue.


Don’t forget to research before you make a new Post on your Blog!


Reading multiple Bloggs about the new article you want to write can be really helpful to build a longer content and more information on your blog article, to have a successful article you need to have at least minimum 1000+ words!


Did you know making articles with 8.000 or even 10.000 words can skyrocket your Blog?

They are few Blogs out there who use these strategies and they pass competition alot faster!

They even post a Blog Post almost daily, but truly some of them have a team to do this to study and create content longer and easy to read.


A Blog Post the most important is to give alot of information ( total words + good information ) and user experience.


Don’t forget each time when you create a new post on your Blog to share it on social media, social media is a good way to increase your blog traffic and the same time making link building!

If you want to share content from a different Blog what you read about your article topic and you believe is good don’t forget to give them a link back!


Sometimes you can even have the chance to get a backlink in return blog you read and link to them.

Quality backlinks is a very good key in SEO to boost your Blog and articles.


And at the same time, SEO Best Practices is when you test multiple ways to see what can help your Blog to grow faster and get more readers.


What tools are good to use when you write your Blog? – This is one of the best Tools to help and show you when you make English mistakes on your Article!

Even if you are a native English speaker is still a really good tool to show your mistakes!

Grammarly is FREE to use and can work with Firefox and Chrome, just install the addon and each time when you start to write you gonna see Grammarly on the bottom right corner.

But if you want to get the best from Grammarly what i highly suggest to do if not now in the future is to get the premium.

The premium can even suggest better words to use for your article. – SEO Content Template, this is a new option where SEMRush will suggest you what keywords to use on your article to increase the view boost on Google Search.

They even tell you the total words you need to use so your article can grow high in rank!

This is a BETA project, but SEMrush is really good about SEO and they know what is good and bad about this subject, i believe this tool will make alot of Blogging work alot easier for the future!

To use this tool is FREE at least for now, but i’m expecting after they get out from BETA this tool will need to pay to use it.

What i love about this tool is, they check your competition keywords for you and suggest you top related keywords to use to get a high boost on search.

If you’re new i suggest to use this tool for how long is still FREE and boost your articles so when they remove the FREE version you already start making money and get this tool.


This 2 tools they are FREE to use and i believe can help alot of Bloggers to make high content articles for there readers and the same time focus more on writing the article and not on SEO.

If you believe they are other tools what is really worth to use them and they are FREE then let me know via comment, I’m open to test and find more high tools what they are FREE and share with everyone.

If you believe this article help you in any way, don’t forget to subscribe and follow my Blog, i’m posting this tips and tricks about Blogs, Websites White SEO and Black SEO.

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