How to keep your Readers to coming Back to your Blog

Did you know the best way to grow your Blog is to make your Readers keep come back to your Blog?


If your readers come back when you post new content on your Blog will attract more leads and increase your visibility in your market place!


One of the best ways is using the Email Subscription Pop-up on your Blog


Example of Pop-up Email Subscription


Did you know 99% of your visitors is using Email?Β And 70% of them is checking email each day!


The best way to get subscription list on your Blog for Free is to install Hustle Plugin on your WordPress!

Is easy to install and setup and in over 1 or 2 minutes you can already start collecting the emails from people who visit your Blog each day!


Search ” hustle ” on WordPress Add New Plugin and Install it.


When you install you need to make a new form for your Subscribe Pop-up.


Hustle New Pop-up Form for Subscribe List


This way you can start collecting your Readers Email who visits your Blog and let them know each time when you post new content.

The same time you can use the Email List to sell them ebooks or other products depends on what niche your Blog is.


Alot of Bloggers say Big Email list is the most important part to success on Blogging!


Even if you are just starter or your Blog have already traffic, is good to grow your Email List for future!

Even if you get only 1 or 10 people to join you per day if they are customers and they will follow your Blog and Buy or use your Affiliate is a good way to increase your monthly income!


Don’t forget 10 or 100 good clients per day can make more money then 10.000 visitors per day who just come and exit.


Visitors who use to register to your Email List is readers who like your work and your Blog Niche and they want to know more about it!


PS: Don’t start to spam your Readers Inbox with useless junk only for you to make more money for a short time! If you spam them with alot of emails per day they will just get mad and unsubscribe from your Blog and you gonna lose your customers!


Focus more to send your readers email when you post new content on your Blog! You can use Blog Posts to generate money!


A different way to keep your visitors to come back to your Blog is Push Notification!

Push Notification is a new way to get your readers to be alert via PC Browser or Mobile Browser when you add new content!

They don’t even need to be on your website to receive the Notification via there Browser Alert when you add new Blog Posts on your website!


I believe this is a good way to increase your Blog readers because alot of visitors who come to your Blog they are not happy to share their personal from start like Email with any Blog out there.

But using Push Notification they don’t need to submit there Email to you for start and they still receive Notification when your new content is posted!


Push Notification is a good strategy to get new followers!


And after searching a FREE way to get Push Notification for my Blog i success to find ” OneSignal ”


OneSignal Push Notification allows you to gather 30.000 subscribers via Push Notification for FREE!

30.000 Push Notification Subscribers is a very large amount for your Blog and if you get this amount of people to follow your Blog then will be alot easy for you to Upgrade in future for Pro Version to increase the Push Notification Subscribers Limit.


With 30.000 Push Notification, you can expect each time when you post a new Blog you gonna get 3000 or even 10.000 readers to return if the Post Content is interested and your readers want to read more about it!

I know an insane number and you can imagine how much money you can make with this πŸ™‚


To install ” OneSignal ” is really easy! I will show each step so you can fast install on your WordPress Blog.


How to install OneSignal on WordPress


After you Install and Activate OneSignal – Web Push Notification you gonna need to create an account on their website.


OneSignal – How to Create Free Account



OneSignal – Start for Free ( Account Register Page )


OneSignal – Register Page


You can use Github or Google Account or Facebook even your email to register for free on OneSignal!

My favorite way is to use Facebook account πŸ™‚


When you finish Register and Login to OneSignal they will show a pop-up with more information about them, this way you can understand what they are doing!

You can stay and read what they are explaining or just press Next Next etc … ( How some people are doing including me sometimes )


You gonna need to press ADD APP Button


OneSignal – Click Add APP


OneSignal – Add APP Name


Here you can add the name you want for your APP but i’m gonna use my Blog Domain name ” GetsMeUP ”


OneSignal – Select Web Push


Make sure you select Web Push, this is what we need!

So your visitors can receive new Push Notification via there browser when you add new Blog Post.

And Click Next


OneSignal – Select your Blog Platform WordPress


For my Blog and this example i’m using WordPress Platform via Plugin, so i’m gonna need to select WordPress Platform, but if you want to use OneSignal for different websites Platforms or application you gonna need to select what are you using.


OneSignal – Add WordPress Blog Website


Make sure you select if your Blog is only HTTPS let it this way, but if your Blog is HTTP only you gonna need to select ” My site is not fully HTTPS ”

After Click Save


When you click Save you gonna get the APP ID and APP KEY


OneSignal – APP ID and API KEY


You gonna need to copy and paste the APP ID and API KEY

Go back your WordPress where the OneSignal Plugin is and click ” Configuration ”


OneSignal – WordPress Plugin submit APIs Code


On App ID you submit the APP ID from OneSignal Configure Web Push and on REST API KEY you need to submit API KEY

You have alot of options on the settings for OneSignal, i suggest to check one by one and set it up how you need it!

When you finish click Save!


Now when you check your Blog you gonna see a Push Notification.


Make sure you add Apple Safari too!


OneSignal – Apple Safari


OneSignal – Web ID for Safari


Copy and paste the Web ID on your WordPress


OneSignal – Safari Web ID WordPress


Paste your Code there and click Save!


If you follow all these steps for OneSignal, The Push Notification will work for all browsers and all mobile browsers!


Now you can start collecting people who like your Blog Content and Niche and they will keep come back for more!


Try to don’t spam your Readers because alot of them they will Unsubscribe from Push Notification or Email and you gonna lose alot of customers and money!


Hope these 2 tricks will help your Blog to get more readers and at the same time more money πŸ™‚


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