How to Invest and make over $10.000/month with Blogging niche in only few months with Amazon!

How to invest and make fast money with your Blog niche using Amazon Affiliate!

In the past few weeks, i was searching in Google trying to find if anyone has any idea if i want to invest money in a Blog niche or website niche and make fast money in only a few months.

But was almost impossible to find any good information!


Most Bloggers our there they only focus in people who don’t have a big income or budget to start this journey but the same time they are people with a low budget or people who want to invest and get a fast niche Blogs or websites and start making money in 2 or 3 months from release!


The same time i know some people who want to make there own Blog or niche website and they don’t have the time to write daily on their Blog.


Most Bloggers who have alot of experience with this, they suggest having at least 30+ Blogs Post Articles on your Blog to be able to generate traffic and money.


Google care alot about the Blog content and if your Total Words on your Blog posts is only 300 words ( this is an example ) then you will have the chance to never grow!


But after studying and trying to find the best option to do with less invest the best Blogging and make fast money with it even $10.000+ per month ( of course depends on your Blog Niche and affiliate you are gonna use )


I success to find the best strategy Blueprint for this!


I don’t say you need to use the same Blueprint, but you can read about my own strategy and find even better ways!


I believe alot Bloggers and Bussiness are using the same method but none of them share with the public for FREE but of course here in my Blog i just want to share the truth and Blueprints what normally you need to pay thousands of dollars only to read what other people are doing via there courses


Here i will try to explain to you how to do it and the same time save that money ( no paid course )


But before i start to say the strategy i want to say again! This is my own Blueprint and i share with you guys! You can follow the same steps or read my way and do it how you believe is better for you! You don’t need to follow 100% my Blueprint if you don’t like or you don’t have the Budget!


Okay, let’s start now 🙂


To build a Fast Money Making Blog and start making $10.000 or even $100.000 per month using my Blueprint you gonna need to invest money to, some steps can be ignored and some steps can’t be.


The First Step:

To make a Blog you gonna need to make a Blog!

They are few ways to make a Blog, cheap or expensive way, but my own suggestion is can go like a medium way to the start!


First, you gonna need a domain for your Blog or Bussiness, you need to make sure the domain name is something you gonna like to work with, Domains can be changed in future but to change a domain can make you lose visitors and traffic and the same time reputation.


I suggest to buy your own Domain from i use them for a very long time over 5+ years and i never have an issue!

You can buy a .com domain for only $8 per year and they give you Free Privacy what other providers where you can buy domains is asking for $2 or $3 extra and the same time their domain price is alot more expensive.




You can use this hosting company and they gonna give you Free Domain Name for 1st Year!

Really cheap hosting what they have already easy WordPress setup for you so you can start right away

The hosting company is called! Deal


For only $3.95/month you have Hosting and Domain! and you are almost ready to start your Blog ( Yes you can start it but you need content )

I really like to suggest to everyone using this hosting company because they are only 1 click and your WordPress is already installed and ready to start!


When your WordPress is installed, you gonna need to find a Theme for your Blog, You can use Free Theme or Premium Theme, but i suggest to go and find a Free Theme for your Blog on start!

PS: You can use Free Theme for start and after when your Blog is starting to make money you can get a better Premium Theme for it,


How to get a Free Theme for WordPress


Now when you finish with the Theme you gonna need to install some Plugins to make your work easier.


You can find the most used Plugging on WordPress.


This is how you install and find the best plugins for WordPress


I will not start to fully explain how to do each part, how to it and install your WordPress and find the best Theme what Plugins to use, etc.


You come here to find out how to make a fast Blog and start making money within a few months, this is our topic.


Now let’s say your Blog is up and running and you gonna need content for it!


You can’t grow a Blog and make money with no good content!


They are 2 ways for this.

  • Write the articles on your own.
  • Buy unique Blog Articles from companies or professionals writers.


To buy written Blogs Post Articles from companies or from professionals writers i don’t feel like a really good idea, but if you have the budget and no time to stay days to write on your own

And you want your Blog to be fast finish and start making money in only a few months then you gonna need this.


I know some people are to busy with different projects or they are shy to write or they want to make multiple Blogs or projects at the same time and make alot of money faster.


One way to get people to write for your Blog is


Fiverr Search Page ” blog writer “



The reason i say Fiverr is they are alot of people there who are doing this already for months or years

And when you have a place where you can select the best people for your Blog style will be alot better.


I don’t say you gonna like all the writers from Fiverr, but you can check one by one and ask them for an example of there past work.

If you gonna like there way of write then you can use them now and for future projects.


To get writers from Fiverr you gonna pay for each Blog Article the price can depend on each writer, some can ask $10 and some can ask even $100 for each Blog Post Article …

Is not meaning the ones who ask $100 they are Top writers, i meet people on Fiverr who was asking insane prices and there work was not so good for how much they asking for.


The best way is to select a group of few people and asks them for an example of work what they did in the past and check who is the best for you.

The same time working with people from Fiverr i learn you can even ask them for a discount!


How to Contact each person on Fiverr ( Example )


Discount Example

If you want a person to make you 10+ Blogs Article and each of them is $20 or $30 ( this is an example price ) then total will be $200 or $300 you can ask them for 10% off

Alot of members from Fiverr will be very happy to offer you a discount because at the same time they get a client for the long run.

I see before not many people on Fiverr asking discounts but this is business why to don’t? 🙂


Attention! If you want to get multiple Article Blog Posts from the same person, make sure you contact him via Fiverr and ask him for a deal and custom payout!



If you want to get 5 Blog Articles from a person from Fiverr to pay one by one Fiverr will get a $2 FEE for each transaction.

If you get one by one for 5 Blog Articles, you gonna pay $10 only the FEE for this what is not a really good idea.

If you ask the person for a custom payment for 5 Articles then you gonna pay $2 or $4 the Fiverr FEE so you are better then $10 FEE


Not many know about this, but to invest alot of money on Fiverr FEE better save them and/or use the money to get more content for your Blog!


For a Blog to success, you gonna need at least 30 Blogs Articles.

Most successful Bloggers say you need alot of content to get a good amount from Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

I know some niches will be easy to find about what to write, and some niches will be alot harder.

But you gonna need content for your Blog!


When your new or old Blog or Website Niche is already UP you gonna need traffic from search engine!

They are a few ways to do this!


  • Wait for a few months or years to start getting people from Google, Bing or Yahoo via organic grow this is safe grow
  • Invest alot of money in SEO companies to boost your Blog or website to Google
  • Invest in Black Hat what is alot cheaper then to pay an SEO company and they are doing the same tricks like Black Hat


If you want to be able to start making money with your Blog in a few months you will need to make a strong SEO for it!


And i have a very good deal for this!

I know a Black Hat website what they are very old in this domain over 9 years of experience and their ratings are 4.5/5 and used by alot of people!

To make SEO using their Black Hat strategies and to don’t get suspected by Google and others search engine you will need to be able to invest $700+ (one-time payment not monthly how most SEO companies is asking )

Going to an SEO company how most people are doing, you gonna pay 5x times more and the success rate will be alot low!

Most SEO companies don’t tell you what they are doing! And how they do to boost your websites.

I use before SEO companies to for testing and alot of them was failed! I even pay $1000+ per month for a few months and was almost no boost on traffic.


I know alot of people are scared when they hear about Black Hat SEO but the same time if you want to make fast money with your Blog niche you need this.


Do i suggest to do Black Hat SEO? No, but if you don’t have the time to lose and you need fast money then Yes you need.


The best and cheap way to grow fast your website with Black Hat SEO is BlackHatLinks

They are very old with over 9+ years of experience with Blogs and websites niche!

And they even have a really good Blueprint for people who are new about this and they say what to buy to success!

I highly recommend using there Blueprint if you are a starter and you don’t know how the SEO works.

They even tell you what to buy for the first 3 weeks step by step to have success grow!


Step 1 – First Week!


Step 2 – Second Week!


Step 3 – Third Week!


This step is made and fully recommended for Bloggers and any website to fast grow!

To buy all 3 Steps you gonna need to invest €537 or $601


Most SEO companies will ask you for this even $5.000 but with this option, you will be 9x cheaper!


Now you need to understand nothing is a 100% success rate!

Even if you follow all the steps and Google don’t like something about your Blog will not grow!


Blog content is a very big part of this Blueprint!


Using this Blueprint you gonna need to invest like $1500/$2000 and you gonna get a full working Blog + Content + SEO


I believe this is the best option for people who wants to make fast money! But i will repeat again and say the success rate can be up to 80%


If your Blog using these methods didn’t work.

You can anytime copy the content and add new extra content to a new Blog and do it again!


BUT if you success and your Blog start to make good money, you can find here a trick on how to make 10x more or even 100x more with your Blog and Amazon Affiliate!

How you can make 10x or 100x more money with your Amazon Affiliate Blog


I hope this Blog Post help people to find a new way of how to make fast money on the internet with investing!


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