How a Black Hat SEO webmaster can destroy your Blog or Website

Is possible to kill your competition with Black Hat SEO?

Yes! And is used alot by Black Hat webmasters to kill their competition!

This is one of the reasons why its not good to share your Blog income with the public! Via post and the worst way via Youtube Video!


Let me explain your now how they do and WHY they are doing this.

I’m sure you know Black Hat is what Google, Bing and other big search engines they are fighting most of the time.


I’m sure you heard before ” Is not safe to use Black Hat SEO Tools or other strategies to get a lot of Backlinks to your Blog ”


Let’s say you have a Blog what you work a lot and start growing and you start making good profit with it.

And you want to share your income with your visitors via Blog post or if you use YouTube making a video and posting your Blog link there.


Let’s say your Blog Niche is really good to work with Amazon affiliate ( this is an example ) and a Black Hat webmaster found out about your website and he starts to scan your website to see how much traffic do you have and how much money you generate with your hard work Amazon Blog.


Is possible a Black Hat webmaster to find out how much money and traffic i have on my Blog?

The answer is YES!

Most of Black Hat SEO webmasters they are using or/and to check website daily traffic.

Using these 2 websites statics they can even see what Blog Post gets the most income for from your Blog because they can see in what part of your Blog you have the most traffic.

This is even used by competition to kill others not only by Black Hat SEO webmasters.


Now this Black Hat webmaster decides he wants to get on your place so he can make the money what you make with your Blog.


Is the time to kill your website on Search Engine!


For a Black Hat SEO webmaster to kill a website on Google Search engine can be really easy!

I heard stories about a Black Hat SEO webmaster who success to kill a very popular Blogger before!


Let me explain to you how they succeeded to make this.

In the Black Hat SEO world, they are Tools what most Black Hat webmasters are using them daily.

Some tools like Xrumer can generate 1000+ Backlinks spam to your Blog.

GSA Search Engine Ranking can make per day over 10.000 Backlinks to your Blog or website.

And alot other tools to spam Backlinks to your Blog or website.

They are even tools we call them Indexer to make sure the spam Backlinks will be fast indexed by the Search engines like Google, Bing, and others.

Using Indexers the spam backlinks can take only 1 day and Google already indexed the all the spam backlinks.


If a Black Hat webmaster wants to destroy or even kill your Blog so he can go your position on Google Search engine, he will start to generate spam Backlinks with your Blog.

Most of the time Black Hat webmasters are generating over 10.000 or 50.000 spam backlinks with your website and send after the spam links to Google so he makes sure Google see the spam backlinks and index them.


If your Blog is old and they feel 50.000 spam Backlinks is not a good amount they can even generate 1.000.000 spam Backlinks with your Blog!


If a Black Hat webmaster really wants to kill a website he can do it!

Okay, i don’t talk about very old Bloggers who already have a good name for them on Google, Bing, etc, but if you just started and Google doesn’t know much about you, they will believe you are the one who did this spam backlinks.

One way why Google will still believe is you are if you searched before the attacks via Google Black Hat Tools.


I’m sure you know what 1.000.000+ spam backlinks will do to your website!


Are these strategies still working to destroy and kill your competition?

The answer is Yes and this is one of the reasons i want to alert people and let them know about this issue.


Does Google know about this?

I believe Google know about this issue, but most of the time is really hard to even for them to know it is You or someone else is attacking your Blog or website.


How Google act when i get attacked by Black Hat webmaster?

Most of the time Google will possible will just ignore the spam Backlinks, but all depends on a lot of factors.

Let’s say you have a bad rename with Google for making Black Hat before, then Google will believe you did this.


How do i know if i get attack by a Black Hat webmaster?

This can be a few ways.


  1. Use the same Tools what most Black Hat webmasters are using to spy on the competition
  2. All-time check if your website has a strange boost on traffic UP or Down
  3. Search your Blog URL and all time remember how many results you find in Google


Using the same Tools like Black Hat webmaster

To be able to see how many Backlinks your Blog or website have from other websites i suggest to use and check daily how many websites or Blogs backlinks to your Blog.

If you see one day the Backlinks start to increase faster then before then most possible you getting attacked by a Black Hat SEO webmaster.


Strange Boost on traffic

If you see as a huge traffic increase or drop, and you are sure you didn’t do anything new to your Blog, then most case you are attacked by Black Hat SEO webmaster.

If the Black Hat SEO webmaster uses the strategies with boosting with 1.000.000 Backlinks to your Blog then you will possibly have a huge traffic increase for first days and even months then normally days or months or a huge drop ( your Blog or website will get penalized by Google or worst case banned on Search Engine )


Searching your Blog URL on Google Search

One easy way to check about this issue is to search your URL on Google Search, is not the best option but is still an extra.


All-time remember how many results you see on About …. results if you see this increases much more daily then before then you need to be on alert!


How to let Google know about this issue?

If you start to see something strange with your website then you can go Google Forum and post your issue there.

Google started to have a lot of people who work for Google Support Forum and is a good way to alert Google Support Team about this issue.

If you keep silent about this issue you have the chance to lose your Blog or website!


If Google doesn’t know you didn’t do this, they will believe you did it!


Don’t wait till its too late!

I know sometimes when you have a huge increase in traffic can be a very happy time.

The traffic increase can even be an organic increase like Google like your Blog or website, but in some case can be even an attack!

Make sure all the time you check your Blog information on Google and Bing!


Why Google doesn’t stop these attacks?

I believe they are working hard about this part, and they try to keep silence about this issue so Bloggers don’t get panic, even most SEO bloggers don’t say much about this issue, i believe these strategies are known mostly by Black Hat SEO webmasters.


How to protect my self?

The easiest part is don’t share your total income if you make a lot of money on your Blog if you believe your Blog Niche can be easily taken by someone else then don’t do it.

If you are making YouTube videos and you want to share your total income with your views then don’t share the Blog link to!


Don’t try to attract the bad people on your Blog or website.


If you start saying ” Hey guys I’m making $50.000 per month with this Blog and what I’m selling is … ” will attract a lot of attention!

You need to understand a lot of people will do a lot of bad in this world even for $100 but for $50.000 per month or more …

I know sometimes possible you want to help people so they start making money with different Niches so you show them examples.

But don’t forget after my own statics 1 from 100 are bad people on the internet, possible I’m mistaking but the internet life this is how i see it.

The best way to see how many bad people are on the internet is to check how many Likes and Dislikes each YouTube video gets.


Are more other strategies what Black Hat webmasters are using to destroy or kill a Blog/Website?

Yes, they are, one more strategy what a webmaster is using to kill their competition is his own Black Hat websites specially made for this or was spam websites but got suspended by Google.

I hope you heard before if you get backlinks to your Blog or website to check first if the website is good or bad.

Some Black Hat SEO webmasters they are using their old penalized websites on Google and they use these websites to Backlinks to competition Blog or website.

This strategy is not working really good because Google can see easy about this issue, but if a webmaster is doing this, they will try to make Google think they own the Blog.

So if you get a lot of penalized backlinks to your Blog or website, your Blog will be really badly affected if Google will believe you did that! This method is used most to fast kill websites.


I want to thank you for reading my post and hope you enjoy it.

If you want to follow my Blog, i will share more tricks and help in future 🙂

Stay safe!

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