Google is trying to kill new Blogs and Websites with fake ERROR Harmful Content?

This Blog Article will be open eyes for Bloggers and Webmasters old and new about this issue!

These days i think Google is trying to kill the new and old Blogs and Websites with Fake ERROR Harmful Content alert on Google Webmasters Tools.


Yesterday when my Blog is only 7 days old when i go to submit my new post to Google Webmasters Tools i see a huge red alert about my new Blog has Harmful Content.


When i check what type of Harmful Content i have on my Blog and why Google says this.

I see this message.

Google Webmasters Tools – Harmful Content 1 issue detected


How you see on the image print screen is no Sample URLs and no information what content Google believe can Harmful to my Blog Visitors


When i check the Description of this issue they say:

Some or all of the downloads on this site shows “uncommon download” warning.


I was like WTF …

In my Blog, i don’t have any links to direct download any Tools or Programs.

I got really panic yesterday because i really love this Blog and i dedicated all my Free time in past 1 week to write content 1 or 2 posts per day ( 1000+ words almost every post ) what most Bloggers they don’t even do this.

I know if you get this type of ERROR from Google, your website will be Red Page


Google Chrome ” The Website Ahead Contains Malware! “


I know about this issue from before, i use Google Chrome to check each page on my Blog and try to find the URL with this content but still no luck.


Anyway, i like to share with other visitors the information i found and study more about this and this is the reason i even started this Blog and of course the money to.

You need to make money the same time to can focus and buy other tools and test them on your own and share good information for FREE.


I’m an old webmaster and i have alot of experience with websites ( not Blogs ) how i said before this is my first Blog so I’m gonna learn the same time with you guys,

Will be faster for me because i understand alot about websites and the same time Blog is still a website.


Anyway, let’s go back to the big issue with Google.


So yesterday when i see this Error on my Webmasters Tools Account i got really panic! ( I know i repeat this but i want to make sure people remember )

I know from before if you get this type of alerts on your Blog or Website to many of them your Blog or Website even if is a mistake from Google will keep remembering about and they will lower your increase opportunity for your Blog or Website.


This is a few examples in the past about this error:

If you were getting this ERROR issue before if you didn’t fix it in 30 days even if was Google mistake your website can be fully suspended by Google and lose 90%+ of your traffic or even worst you can even get banned and fully removed from Search Engine


Getting a ban on Search Engine Google maximum 2 times you can say goodbye to your Blog or Website and all your Hard Work even if you didn’t make any mistakes.


Did i happen to get banned on Google because of there mistakes?

Yes, i happen on a few of my websites, and these websites i didn’t even use Webmasters Tools.

True the same time is my mistake i didn’t use Webmasters Tools but i really didn’t want to use it in some of my websites.

I don’t see why we are forced now to use the Webmasters Tools! This monopoly really sounds bad but yes they are Google and they can do whatever they want.

Some people these days believe Google is the internet and the internet is own by Google.

And Facebook, Bing and Yahoo and other big websites out there are Google child’s, but us the small webmasters and bloggers lost on the internet who Google trying to kill our hard work we are the aborted child’s.

I know sounds weird but this is the best way for me to explain to you about this issue.


After how many Suspends my website can get very bad in Google Search?

I really study this part and i even talk with some of my friends who have the same issue with 20% of the websites they own and all this “Harmful Content” is just a lie most of the time.

Most webmasters what i know and this including me too, we believe if you get max 5 suspends your Blog or website will be really bad to grow on Google even if you remove the suspend, you gonna need to close your Blog or Website and send the traffic left to a new domain.

Even if is Google mistake and they know this, a suspend will still be a suspend!

PS: Times change and i hope Google will gonna fix this! Make me proud Google!


After how many Bans my Blog or my Website will be useless to keep it?

I got before banned by Google Search in few of my websites and was still Google mistake, one of the reasons i got banned is because i didn’t use Webmasters Tools and i didn’t see about the ERROR and if you get a warning and you didn’t fix it in 30 days your Blog or Website was fully removed from Google =  Banned on Search

After checking more information about this i believe 2 bans is the max what you can get on a domain if you get more then 2 bans even if you didn’t mistake on your Blog or website and was still a  Google issue you will need to move your Blog or/and Website content to a different domain.

You can remove 1 ban and try to fix the website but if you get the second ban on Google Search on your Blog or Website you can just move it to a new domain so you don’t lose the time anymore.


Google and Amazon they believe too much on their technology, i don’t say their technology is bad but is not perfect!

Before a few years ago your Blog or website all depended on some crawler bots who come to your Blog or website and rank it.

Today i heard Google still use the same strategy but the same time they learn about this issue and they have a huge army of people ( real people ) who come to your Blog or website and read your content and this way they can rate if your Blog or website is good to be on Google high pages or not.

This is even one of the reasons why your website taking so long time to grow, and this is one of the reasons why your Blog or website grow and after fast drops.

If the person who comes to your Blog or website and has a bad day or he see something that he doesn’t like or wants on your Blog or website they will just bad rate it and your Blog or website will be dead.

Or how i believe some people are doing is getting alot of money to give good rates, but this a different topic for this Blog 🙂


Do i really need Webmasters Tools?

Yes, if you don’t use and you get a fake alert how i happen just now with this Blog and you gonna happen this now or in future is the only way to know about this issue, you are obligated to use their tools!

I know alot of webmasters don’t want to use Google Webmasters Tools, even my self i don’t want to Webmasters Tools on all my websites but Google finds a way to force all of us to use it now!

Example with my Blog, after working 24/7 to post content on my Blog in past 8 days like a crazy person if i didn’t have Webmasters Tools to see about this issue and i was letting the issue without fixing it, my Blog will have 90% chance to never grow and in 30 days to get fully removed from Google without a reason!


What can Google detect on your Blog or Website and show Harmful Content ERROR?

Before i start using banner ads from on my other network, and they have banners with “Download Now” i check some of banners URLs and when you click on the ads they didn’t have any tools or programs to download and these banners ads didn’t show all the time on my websites but i know they was there.

But Google decided a few years ago to fully Block websites who have this type of Images on their websites!

I don’t understand why Google didn’t just block the ads who have this and don’t block alot of webmasters who didn’t even know about this.

I believe blocking the ads was alot more easy to fix this issue, but yes this is Google and i know that period of time they block ALOT of websites on Google.

The biggest issue about this was they never told us about this!

Was like impossible for us to even find out the issue on our website because the ads were random for each page refresh!

But after searching for a few days i success to find a hidden Blog in page 15 or 20 in Google about this issue and the Blogger was explaining one of the reasons why we get “Harmful Content”


PS: I feel sad now i forget the Blog URL to post it here because that post saved my network and my work! But i never believe before i will become a Blogger, and share my stories and experience with others readers but this was one of the reasons why i want to start this Blog, possible some information on my Blog will gonna help others too and remember me about it 🙂


That period of time i have like 50 websites and 90% of them was red alert in Google Chrome and Google Search and because Firefox Mozilla starts to work with Google or now they are own by Google ( still not sure about this ) they block all my websites.

Almost all my websites can’t be accessed by Mozilla or Chrome the most used Browsers these days.

Some of my websites that time has Webmasters Tools and i send like 20 Review Requests to Google and explain them i don’t have any programs or tools to affect my visitors.


I never tried to add virus or to affect in a bad way my visitors in 15 years of a webmaster and i will never do this!


But Google each time their answer was all my website is ” corrupted with a virus ” and ” miss lead information ” and the issue was already there for 5 or 7 days and NO INFORMATION on what i need to remove to fix them.


Even the Ads Company i used that time they didn’t know about this issue, because i even contact from before to know about “Download Now” images are fully blocked by Google, and i told them hey i think you have virus on your ads network and they stay for few days to fully scan their network for virus and send me a message back all their network was fully scanned and no virus was detected but Google still didn’t want to accept my websites back.


You can imagine losing 50 websites and all the hard work you put on them for something that you don’t know how to fix it or where to start at least to check.


But after so many days of stress and panic and i was like a real mad and sad because i didn’t know what to do anymore, but lucky i success to find this Blog and this way i contact the ads network support and told them

Hey, all banners images with “Download Now” is very bad for Google.


When they remove these images from there ads network my websites after 1 week to be down was accepted back by Google!

I was really happy because i found this issue and the same time i know i help other webmasters by helping the ads network to fix the issue.

But the same time 1 week down and alot of my visitors who was checking my website they got scared on my websites they didn’t come back anymore, and i lost alot of visitors.


But better to lose 20% then to lose 100%


But still … if Google was telling us about this from the start none of this happens, Google is like, they make rules and they don’t share with the webmasters so we can follow them and know the same time about this.


How you see i know alot of Google issue and i was sure my Blog will not add this type of images or other issues so Google can’t suspend my website but in the end, i still got suspend for no reason and still no information about this!


I even post on Google Support Help Forum yesterday, with the hope i can find the reason from a Google Support Team and the same time i can be able to share on my Blog more about this.


But even after 24 hours no message was received.


But if i ever receive a piece of information about why my Blog got suspend i will update this post with the hope i can help others with this.



This is a small update from my Google Webmasters Tools.


Google – Fake Red ERROR day 5/6/2019 on my Blog


How you see in the photo from up, when Google set a Red Alert on my Blog, my impressions from Google search drop almost 70% even if the issue has come from Google, not from my Blog.



After a long wait 21+ hours is not really long wait but when you want an answer the time is so slow …

I receive an answer from travler. his a Gold Product Expert on Google Team!

Let me show you my conversation/question and his answer from Google Forum Support.


My first message on Google Forum – Day 1 Panic Day!


Next day after 14 hours Google removed the issue from my Blog after i Request Review


PS: Was still no information in 14 hours with this issue and i was already in a huge panic … i really like the domain name and i put alot of work on this Blog, even if i’m new on blogging, I still believe i’m doing my best and i will do alot better in future.


This is the message from travier Gold Product Expert from Google Team.


His answer was “I can’t do nothing” or “Request a review”, and he sends me to read more about this from Malware and unwanted software – Google Webmaster Answer

Is weird a support team is telling webmasters they can’t do anything and let it this way and you sacrifice your website to get fully removed from Google Search.

Before if you didn’t fix your issue in max 30 days and you didn’t send Request Review your website will be fully removed from Google and lost all your hard work.

Anyway possible Google make a new update about this and now they are checking automatically without you to need to Request Review.


But his answer was the same how this topic saying in a nice way Yes was a fake alert and yes we know about this! AND YES we don’t fix this even till now to we give better results for webmasters and stop panic them! 🙂


Imagine this is the same bots who rank your Blog and Website to 🙂


Anyway, I’m done trolling Google but after he panics me i believe i can give the same results 🙂


If i find more information about this issue or if you know any other issue about this post a comment 🙂

I’m gonna update this Blog Article and i want to thanks to travel the Gold Product Expert from Google team for giving me an answer and not ignore me how Google is doing 80% of the time.


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