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What is car rental and why does it need advertising?

In today’s world, car rentals play a major role in providing self drive car service to those in need. The company renting out the car becomes the car service provider. The service is one of the most sought after especially in a city like Dubai however a huge number of companies already exist. 

This is where advertising comes in. As a service provider, you need to inform your audiences about your products and services. Among others, one of the top methods to advertise your car rental business is to market your cars through online media so that it can reach a wide variety of audiences. A car rental marketplace such as OneClickDrive is your gateway to advertise your cars for rentals to their multitude of users from across the world.

Advertisements have played a crucial role in pitching products in the market, the goal is always to reach a larger audience however it’s even more important to reach the right target audience. Car rental companies need a platform to ensure all the features, leasing information, discounts, and other relevant information are included in the ad. This includes high quality photos, compelling lines, and information readily available in FAQs. 

Effective advertisement generates the right audience in the least amount of time to pick a car without any hassle. As a result, you don’t have to spend hours understanding the metrics and streamlining your efforts. 

Why is car rental advertising important in today’s world?

Ever since the Covid19 pandemic, a majority of offline activities have moved online! Education, shopping, offices, buying and selling of goods and services, etc. has seen a drastic shift to the ‘online’ mode. The question is ‘how do you sell your product?”. The answer is simple, ‘Advertise’. Advertisement helps build customer loyalty and attracts the right audience to purchase your product. 

For car rental industries, advertisements have played a major move especially during the pandemic when isolation was a priority. Customers prefer convenient and timely service, and it is uncommon for car rentals to lag. With OneClickDrive vehicle delivery is never a delay.  Considering the tight competition in this business landscape, OneClickDrive services never fails to satisfy any customer. If you associate with us, be sure your car rental company is going to be a success!

Even as we see the covid normalizing, going online has helped to reach a wide area of audience. Digital marketing and advertisements have played a major role in attracting customers and managing online reservations with ease. A right platform can help you advertise the product effectively. Informative advertisements are the key to customer attraction and ultimately the growth of your business. 

What type of customers should you address in your advertisement?

The next important thing to keep in mind is the audience you are targeting. Remember to address the advertisements in a way that it caters to the needs of your potential customers. 

Different customers look for different types of cars. 

People who are business executives will most likely need sedans. In some cases, they may also need a car with a chauffeur service to pick up executives from the airport. For them, the advertisement should cover the chauffeur service and sedan cars available throughout the day with exclusive monthly car rental packages.

People looking out for renting a car for a family who is planning a vacation, mostly look for SUVs and other accommodating cars. They generally want discounts and want cars either on an everyday or weekly basis. For them, the advertisements should cover all the required information.

High-end clients and tourists, who are lovers of different cars look for high-end cars such as luxuries and sports cars. The advertisement should be attractive with deals and feature-limited editions. Working-class and economical classes look for sedans. The key to attracting a customer is catering to every customer’s needs.

Tips for advertising your rental cars

Marketing is a fundamental part of a business establishment and its success. The right marketing approach plays a major role in the success of any rental business. Car rental business suffices the needs of everybody, irrespective of being a resident, non-resident or a tourist. Innovative marketing techniques and approaches when executed well generate more revenue from the rental fleet. Levering marketing efforts help your customers know why your rental services are better than your competitors. 

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Here are 5 tips for advertising your cars:

Position your brand:

Focus on great customer experience. For this position yourself in the market. Tell the world about your uniqueness and include those one-liners in your banners and advertisements. Your car might be a perfect fit for a small family of 4, write it in description, ‘small, compact, zero limits on mileage, great experience’, etc. Ensure that the element of your brand is at the center of all the marketing output.

Advertise on social media platforms:

In today’s world, people are glued to social media for every information. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with a wide audience. Keep posting things, any discounts, new offers, new cars, etc. Post organically!

Retarget your customers:

Focus on retaining customers. Years of providing brilliant service has inevitably won you a lot of loyal customers, and you do not want to lose them. Reach out to those customers and retarget them with new offers. Email marketing or direct calls can also be an effective way.

Advertise on the platform with high traffic:

There are different types of advertising to market your product. Which platform are your customers most likely to be found? If they check your website or your social media accounts, invest in marketing in those areas. Pitch your product to the ideal customers who are likely to become regular and recommend it to their peers and friends. Reach them out with marketing messages. Ensure that you market your product on GoogleAds and also on more traditional routes like email.

Ask the suppliers:

Get in touch with your suppliers that offer you a platform for pitching your products. You can also check the vicinity that offers a service related to yours. For example check for the hotels, businesses, airports, etc. Joint marketing is a great way to extend the influence of your car rentals. 

OneClickDrive is one such platform where you can pitch your cars and have your advertisements put up on the frontal page. The best part is you just have to tell us your idea, and we will prepare the entire banner for you!

What are the different types of car rental advertising?

Advertising on the right platform is a major driving force. Advertising your car on the right platform attracts traffic to your website and subsequently increases your customer base. Ever since covid, the car rental industry has shifted its mode of advertisement from offline to online. Some of the different types of car rental advertising are given below:

Advertising through OneClickDrive

At OneClickDrive, we make sure that your advertisements are the best and stand out on our page. Advertising your rental cars with OneClickDrive, you will have several benefits. The most important ones are:

  • Control costs: Advertising on our platform will allow you to save a lot of money. You will be showing ads to your customers in the form of banners, videos, texts, etc at completely affordable prices
  • Guarantee to attract customers: We ensure that by advertising with us you will definitely attract customers to rent cars with you.
  • Produce ads easily: We help you in creating multiple image ads. All you need to just do is share the idea and we will implement it. We choose the image, provide a text, and give it a unique touch before uploading it on our car rental website. 
  • Created customized ads: At One Click Drive, you can customize your ads before pitching it on our car rental platform. We have a large number of customer databases and writing an attractive advertisement will definitely increase customers.
  • Growth of digital advertising 

Digital advertising was not much in use until the pandemic. With covid, there has been a drastic change in the advertising industry. Although Dubai was not into any such lockdown, people refrained from going out to protect themselves from contracting the disease. Car rental companies started advertising their cars and services online to reach the online audience. The field of digital advertising is relatively young but its evolution over this small period has been commendable. Digital marketing refers to advertising through online channels, websites, streaming content, and media formats such as audio, texts, videos, etc. They help in achieving a variety of business goals and marketing funnels, ranging from brand awareness to customer engagement. 

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Retargeting advertisements 

Unlike banner ads, retargeting ads are an online form of targeting advertising to serve customers who have already visited your website. Retargeting advertisements allow businesses to show targeted ads to users who visited the website but did not make a purchase. It is the easiest way to convert visitors to consumers. Retargeting ads entice the past visitors to revisit the website by showing them relevant ads when they make a search on Google. It allows your car rental company to stay at the forefront of the past visitor’s minds by tailoring your ads to these visitors when they browse the web and use apps. 

Google ads

Google ads is an online advertising platform that offers paid advertisements. Here advertisers display brief advertisements, service offerings, product listings, and videos, to the web users. It can place ads both on the search engines link Google Search or mobile apps and videos. The sponsored ads are denoted with an ‘Ad’ label. 

Influence advertising

Influence advertising is a type of social media marketing that uses endorsements from influencers who are individuals with a dedicated social following. These people are viewed as experts in their niche. Therefore, this type of advertising works because of the trust that these influencers have built up, and recommendations from them are a way of increasing potential customers. Advertisements from the influencers will cultivate a desire within the viewer to rent the car while minimizing any doubts about the idea.

What are the different digital marketing strategies of the car rental industry?

  1. Search engine marketing or search advertising: Search Advertisements or Search Engine Marketing appear on the search engine pages and are typically text ads that appear above or alongside the organic search results.
  2. Display advertising: Display ads are online ads. Such ads use texts and visual elements like images or animation that appear on websites, apps, and devices. They appear in or alongside the website content.
  3. Social media: Social media advertisements surface on various social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.
  4. Audio advertising: Audio ads play before, during, or after online audio content is streamed.
  5. Online video advertising: These ads use a video format and appear in places similar to display ads – websites, apps, and devices. 

Why advertise through OneClickDrive?

We make sure that your advertisements are standing out on our page. You will have several benefits. You do not have to spend long hours making the ad, just pitch the idea and we will have the banner ready for you!

What types of car can you advertise through OneClickDrive?

At OneClickDrive, you do not have to think about advertising any particular car. It is all your choice! At last, You can advertise anything from The top car brands listed on OneClickDrive including (but are not limited to) Mitsubishi, Nissan, Elantra, Hyundai Accent, to Audi, Lamborghini, Porsche, Rolls Royce, Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes Benz. At OneClickDrive, we will help you advertise your car on our platform!

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