Current Whereabouts of Buster Murdaugh Following the Murdaugh Murders

Netflix has a new show called “Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal.” It’s about a rich family in South Carolina called the Murdaughs. The show looks into different incidents the family has been involved in, like a boat accident where someone died. It also talks about what happened before the mom, Margaret “Maggie” Murdaugh, and her son Paul died in 2021.

The show talks about Alex Murdaugh, who is married to Maggie and is Paul’s father. He’s on trial for their murders but says he didn’t do it and pleaded not guilty. The documentary also looks at another Murdaugh family member, Buster, who is the son of Maggie and Alex.

Richard Alex Murdaugh, also known as Buster, used to work at his dad’s law firm and was studying law at the University of South Carolina, just like many in his family. But after his mom and brother were murdered, he got expelled from law school for copying someone else’s work.

Buster’s family paid $60,000 to help him get back into college and finish his law degree, as reported by The Post and Courier. But he hasn’t started studying again yet. According to the Murdaugh family’s lawyer, Butch Bowers, Buster has decided to delay his plans for law school, and there’s currently no set date for him to return – not in the fall or the spring.

Where is Buster Murdaugh now?

Buster now lives with his girlfriend, Brooklynn White, who is a lawyer, in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. We’re not sure about his job. In February of this year, he spoke in court during his father’s trial. He was the first person to talk in support of his father and mentioned that Alex, his father, was very sad about Maggie and Paul’s deaths.

Buster has been present for his dad’s trial from the beginning. According to Law & Crime, he seemed really upset, often putting his head in his hands while the lawyers talked about the scary parts of the double murder. On March 2, his dad was declared guilty of both murders. The next day, on March 3, the judge decided that Buster’s dad would spend the rest of his life in prison, one life term after another.

What was Buster’s location when the murders occurred?

On June 7, 2021, Alex Murdaugh said that when he got home, he found Maggie and Paul shot and killed near the dog kennels on their property. He called 911 for help and also phoned Buster.

At the trial, Buster shared that he got a strange call. He told me that my mom and brother were shot, he said. He explained that when the murders happened, he was far away – more than 200 miles at his girlfriend’s place in Rock Hill, South Carolina. As soon as he heard the news, he quickly went to the Murdaugh home.

How Did Buster Respond to the Court Decision?

On Friday, March 3, 2023, a judge decided that Alex Murdaugh would spend the rest of his life in prison for killing Maggie and Paul Murdaugh. He was given two life sentences in a row.

Someone who was at the Colleton County Courthouse during the sentencing shared with the New York Post: “Buster seemed okay until the cameras were turned off, but after that, he fell down. He couldn’t stop crying. Eventually, his uncles helped him get into a car.”

In Season 2 of Murdaugh Murders, Buster shared more details about the case. He said that he still thinks his brother Alex is innocent of killing their mother and brother. However, he suggested that it could be “fair” to call his father, who was accused of more than 100 financial crimes, a psychopath.

He said that he’s not ready to say it represents him completely, but he believes there are certain traits, like manipulation, lies, and carrying out actions, that can be fairly attributed to him.

Buster explained that he’s not concerned about turning out like his father. He said, “I don’t worry because I’m not a thief, liar, or manipulator. I’m different in those ways. However, I do think I share some good qualities with him, and I’m proud of that.”

Buster Connected to Two Further Fatality Cases

In the Murdaugh Murders, there was a boating accident where Mallory Beach lost her life. The Beach family initially said Paul Murdaugh was drunk during the incident. However, they later reached an agreement to settle the case, and Buster’s name, along with his mother’s, is no longer involved.

The documentary talks about the mystery surrounding the death of 19-year-old Stephen Smith. He was Buster’s friend and classmate. Stephen’s body was discovered near the Murdaugh family home. Initially, people thought it was a hit-and-run, but investigators doubted it because his injuries didn’t match a typical accident. Suspicion arose about Buster because of rumors suggesting a connection between him and Stephen, who was openly gay.

Buster Rejects Accusations in Stephen Smith’s Demise

After people became interested in Smith’s case again because of the Murdaugh Murders documentary, a new inquiry into how he died is starting. When Buster heard that they planned to dig up Smith’s body, he made a public statement. This is his first statement since his father was sentenced.

“I’ve been trying my hardest to ignore the mean rumors about me being part of Stephen Smith’s sad death that keep showing up in the news. Right now, I’m really sad about my mom and brother getting killed, and my dad being in jail. I haven’t said anything until now because I just want some privacy to deal with all of this.”

“This has been happening for too long,” he said. “There are untrue rumors about me being connected to Stephen and his death. I strongly say I had nothing to do with his death, and I feel sorry for the Smith family.”

In April 2023, the police took another look at Smith’s case, treating it as a murder this time. They dug up Smith’s body as part of the new investigation, but until now, no one has been accused or charged with anything.

In the second season of Murdaugh Murders, Buster once again said he didn’t have a relationship with Smith and denied any involvement in his murder. He emphasized that being accused of murder without any evidence is really hurtful and has damaged his reputation. He wants people to understand that he’s not a murderer.


Where is Buster Murdaugh now?

Buster Murdaugh lives with his girlfriend, Brooklynn White. She is a lawyer. They reside in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

Is Buster Murdaugh Gay?

According to the statements that he has given, he has denied being gay.

What does Buster do for a living?

Buster Murdaugh, whose real name is Richard Alex Murdaugh, used to work at his dad’s law office and was learning about law at the University of South Carolina. This is similar to what many of his family members were doing. But for now, his work info is not known to anyone.

Where was Buster when his mother and brother were killed?

He said that when the murders took place, he was really far – over 200 miles away, staying at his girlfriend’s house in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

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