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Online resources or websites can be excellent tools for playing classroom games, conducting reviews, and administering quizzes. These platforms are beneficial in building up a student’s background knowledge through their exciting games. One of the similar platforms is Booket, an online gamification tool that has twelve different game styles to entertain and engage students, authorizing both an asynchronous mode and a synchronous mode. 

If you are looking for an easy and fun way to teach and entertain your students, then Booket play can be a reasonable consideration for you. Read the full article for a better understanding of this platform.

What is Blooket Play?

Blooket play is a web-based game platform that has different trivia or quiz options for teachers. It combines action with instruction for the ideal classroom review experience and aims to make learning more fun.

The game allows you to build your own online classroom review site by connecting the Code to your class website. In addition to creating your own “set” of questions, you can also search for sets created by other educators. It is possible to host games for students based on each set of questions.

One of the most exciting features of this site is students do not have to make accounts. They just simply join through the link provided by the teacher. Teachers can also randomly add points, earning the potential to increase the buzz, craze, and excitement. There are a variety of solo and multiplayer games available, including racing, food service, puzzle games, and more.

How Blooket Work?

It presents content as a game. Teachers have to make an account on this platform so they can invite students through Code. It’s up to the teacher how they want to host. There are a variety of topics, grades, and topics to choose from.

On the other hand, students can participate in solo, as a class, or in groups. Using this platform for homework assignments is also a possibility for teachers. In the end, this platform will provide a summary of the accomplishments so students can see their performance and improve themselves in the future. 

Bringing Gadget to Blooket

The best way to join Blooket is if every student has a smartphone. Despite the fact that it may not be possible to give gadgets to every student in the class, you can set up a station where students can play alone if you only have a limited number of devices.

Additionally, one of the best ways to tackle this situation is to give assignments or homework to the students so they can easily solo practice at home without any disturbance. Interestingly, as we have discussed above, students can join via Code without making their account on this platform, but you get points at the end of the games, and most of the students want to collect them, which is only possible when you have an account. By collecting coins, they can buy new avatars and store progress during solo play.

Blooket Tutorial for Teachers

A guide to getting started

Here is the step-by-step guide to get started.

  • Set up your teacher account on the official Blooket website.
  • Use your email address and set a password.
  • After logging in, answer the popup question with the teacher.
  • Then, click on the Create button placed on the top left corner.
  •  Then, you can see options for creating your set of questions. Fill it.
  • Once that is done, send or post the link somewhere the students can access it easily since it can be a hassle to type.
  • Here it is; you’re good to go.

Is a Booket a good resource for learning?

It is a simple, user-friendly, and addictive tool that students enjoy. Although its gameplay is so distinctive that learning becomes secondary with its competitive game, embedded incentives, and eye-catching designs, it creates a buzz in students to score high and higher, which is only possible through studying. 

Additionally, with its repeated quiz and question answers, it becomes easy for the students to remember answers, and learning becomes effortless. However, there are also a few students who find other platforms easy to learn, like books or videos, but they are less than 1%. 

Twelve or More Different Game Modes

Blooket offers various game modes that cater to video game enthusiasts. Some of the modes resemble familiar video games. Learners are engaged in games that resemble other types of games for entertainment, which “trick” them into practicing the material created by the teacher. 

Let me give you a quick overview of the different modes available in Blooket.

  • Blook Rush
  • Café
  • Crypto Hack
  • Factory
  • Fishing Frenzy
  • Gold Quest 
  • Racing
  • Tower Defense
  • Classic 
  • Battle Royale
  • Crazy Kingdom 
  • Tower of Doom 

Blook Rush

In this game, players can either attack or defend while answering the teacher’s created questions. When a team attacks, they remove a shield from their opponents, weakening their defense. 

On the other hand, if the defending team is successful in defending, they earn a shield for themselves. If the defending team has no shield left, then the attacker can steal one of their books.


Players role-play as cafe staff, serving food based on question points earned. If they correctly answer questions, then they can get the food, which by then they can serve and earn points.

Crypto Hack

At the beginning of the game, players are given a choice of five different passwords. They then have to answer questions while attempting to hack other players by guessing their passwords from a set of three options. If they guess correctly, they can steal a portion of the other player’s crypto.


Players answer questions to earn money by collecting units that have different production rates.

Fishing Frenzy

In this game, players attempt to catch fish with higher weights by answering questions.

Gold Quest 

During the game, students randomly pick one of three chests, which can either reward or punishment. The chests can cause the players to lose a certain percentage of their gold. They can swap their total gold with another player or steal a certain percentage of another player’s total gold.


Players compete to answer questions correctly in the fastest time possible. The first player to answer all questions correctly wins.

Tower Defense

Players build towers and answer questions to defend against evil blooks.


A game mode similar to Kahoot, where questions are displayed on players’ devices.

Battle Royale

Each player competes against another player or team while answering questions, similar to classic mode.

Crazy Kingdom 

Players manage limited resources to fulfill guests’ requests and keep the kingdom prosperous.

Tower of Doom 

Players earn points in Strength, Wisdom, or Charisma cards by answering questions and competing with each other.


Booket is a good source of leading and can be a fun education with gameplay for the kids. The platform utilizes an interactive and gamified approach that makes learning engaging and fun for students. In addition, it provides educators with a powerful tool to create customized content, track progress, and promote active participation.

The unique format of Blooket games ensures that the strongest student in the class may not necessarily win the game. Through repeated drills, the student can seal others’ points and can swap scores. This will not only make learning easy but also motivate everyone. In short, it is an outstanding platform for kids and young students to educate and enhance their skills.

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