7 Easy Steps to build a successful Blog in 2019

Today I’m gonna explain to you how you can build a successful Blog for 2019

To start a Blog website can take you up to only 1 hour and the investment can be really small for this!


  1. Buy your domain
  2. Get a hosting plan for your Blog
  3. Selecting what platform to use
  4. Find a good theme for your Blog
  5. Install Plugins for your Blog
  6. Start adding content
  7. Submit your websites to search engine Google and Bing


1) Finding the Blog Domain Name

Lets now start with step number 1 buying a domain for your Blog,

Before you buy the Domain you need to understand the Domain Name will be the name of your Bussiness,

You need to make sure you select the best Domain for what type of Blog Niche you want to make,


Because Blog Domain you can’t change after, you can do but you gonna lose visitors and ranking.


Blog Domain Name is like a top priority for start!


How to find Blog Name Suggestions for your Blog is search on Google your Niche,

and see what other Bloggers decide to use for there Domain Name.


Let’s say you want to build a Blog about ” Bikes “, let’s go Google and search this keyword

make sure on your search you add ” Blog ” keyword too.



This way you find some Blogs name suggestion what you can use.

You can’t register the same domain name like other Blogs, you name need to be unique and focus on getting .com or .co

More ways to find more related names suggestions for your next Blog is when you search ” Bikes Blog ” on Google,

Go to the bottom of the page where is saying ” Searches related to … ”


These keywords ” Searches related to … ” they are very important because this is what real people are trying to find on Google about your Niche,

This way you can use this keyword for a good domain name idea.


One more way to get domain ideas is to search ” Related Synonyms ” for your Blog Niche,

Let’s go to Google and find search for this.

Search on Google ” Related Synonyms



After click on the first website from Search Engine Thesaurus.com and let’s start looking for related words.



This way we found 2 more extra related words for your niche ” Bikes ”

You can use these extra words and search again on Google and see what domains name Bloggers used.


Or search these words and find more similar synonyms again.


You need to make sure when you get your domain name you are happy with it, domains you can’t change whenever you want …


Let’s say you buy a domain now and in a few months you want to change it, if you do this you gonna lose visitors and ranking.


If this is your first Blog, make sure your niche or niches are related to what you know best.

Example if you love to go travel, then make a blog for travel, if you love to play games, you can make a blog about games you play

Focus on start about something you love, if you love the blog niche the content ideas will come so fast.


Example i love building websites, i start doing this when i was only a teen, i was amazed when i see a man in an internet coffee

how he was adding images ( animates images ) on a website and he was sharing it with other people from the internet coffee

and his friends.

I was really curious how he did it, and this way i start search information on how to, before to start making websites i was gamer and i still play alot of games even this days.

Building websites and playing games are what i love to do.

But 15 years ago when i start doing this, didn’t was blogs so my only way to build websites was to learn to code.

My first program to ever use and learn to code HTML was Namo WebEditor ONE but very old version ( 15 years ago version )

And the first website i release when i was 15 years old ( Good old times 🙂 )


But this day you don’t even need to know to code to build your own Blogs!


If your niche is something you love and is something you are doing all the time, the content on your Blog will be so easy and faster.


Blog Domain is not really necessary to be related to your primary niche lets say ” Bike ” you can use different names to what is not even

related to ” Bikes “, BUT you can’t get a Blog Domain name what is included ” Cars ” and Blog content is about ” Bikes ”


Hope this way you can find your favorite Blog name, don’t be sad when alot of good domains are already taken, give some time

till you find it, don’t forget they are over 3 billion domains right now ( alot of domains … ).

PS: Don’t lose weeks or months to find the perfect Blog Domain.


You can buy cheap domains from Dynadot.com with FREE Privacy Included ( Domain Privacy is good so bad bots don’t find the email you use to register your domain and spam your index )

2) Did you buy the domain name? If YES then Good! Now you need hosting to host your Blog

You need a good hosting for your blog.

If you get a bad hosting, and your blog is taking a long time to fully load a post, your visitors will get bored of waiting and they will leave your Blog.

I’m sure even you if you see a Blog who takes more then 3 seconds to show the post you will get bored and leave to a faster different Blog.

If you are a starter and you want a good hosting what most popular hosting provider for Blogs is BlueHost.com and they are already fully optimized for Blogs and cheap at the same time.


Bluehost is only $2.75/month you don’t even need more powerful than this on start!


In your first months of Blogging, you can’t expect many people to come and read your content, BUT when your Blog is growing

you need to upgrade your host to be able to hold more visitors on your Blog or even get a dedicated server.


Getting a dedicated server for your Blog will not be so cheap, i use OVH.com and price is from $60+ per month.


To use a dedicated server you will need to get someone to help you install the server or learn how to do it.


If you decide to pay someone to install your dedicated server you need to trust the person to don’t broke after your Blog.


Some people are even installing a virus on your server and can even destroy or steal your Blog content and data.


I’m not trying to make you scared about this, I’m just saying what bad things can happen.

So you can be ready for anything.


My suggestion to get good and expert to fix your dedicated server is Fiverr.com

You can search on Fiverr ” dedicated server install ” and find people who are doing this already.

Fiverr Search Page


Before you select the person to help you with your dedicated server make sure you read on there projects what people comment about them.


Fiverr.com is still a good way to find people when you have an issue with your Blog,

let’s say your blog stop working and you don’t know what to do, in Fiverr.com you can search and find people to help you fix the most of the issue.


3) What is platform and what is the best platform to use for your Blog?

The platform is the back program what is doing all the hard work for you, example WordPress is using PHP.

PHP is a coding language what most websites on the internet are using, 70% or more, another type of coding language what is still used alot of Python.

To add, edit, delete posts on your website you need a platform.


The best platform to use for a Blog and what everyone is using is WordPress,


Download WordPress For Free!


4) Getting a good theme for your Blog

This part has multiple ways:

If you have a budget to invest and buy a better theme for your blog then i suggest going ThemeForest.com

ThemeForest is a good place to start searching for your favorite theme and at the same time, they are cheaper than other theme sellers out there.


Buying a theme from ThemeForest you buy from the developers ( people who make themes for Blogs ) not companies.


BUT you need to understand, buying a theme from ThemeForest you still have the chance some other people still using it depends how many people buy the same theme as you.


To build your own unique theme for your blog can cost you even up to $5.000 or more ( i don’t suggest if you just started )

If you have this amount on your budget to invest in the start you can find it via searching on Google ” buy premium unique WordPress blog theme


If you don’t have a starter budget for your blog you can even use Free Themes! What WordPress is offering!

You can still find free WordPress themes searching on Google ” Free WordPress themes


Now let me explain you, buying a unique theme and very expensive theme for your Blog WILL NOT HELP YOUR BLOG GROW BIGGER AND FASTER!

You can even use Free WordPress themes and get a really big Blog, people don’t care much about if your Blog is beautiful or ugly ( okay don’t make your blog ugly now … )

People who come to your website they care about the Blog content and the information you offer to them.


5) Finding the best plugins for your blog

Plugins are like apps, do you have a mobile? if yes then you know what applications are.

Plugins can help give you a better view of your blog and even help you manage your blog much more easy.


If your platform is WordPress most important Plugins you can find on Recommended


Now don’t start installing all the plugins what you see there, select only a few plugins what you think can help you to make your work easy and your blog better.

If you start to install 100 plugins your website and even the server hosting will become alot slow.


Before you install a plugin make sure you take the time and read about each plugin what they are doing and how they can help you.


6) Now is the time to talk about blog content

If you come so far i want to thank you for reading my Blog Post.

Now lets rock this and explain to you why content is the most important in a Blog and any website.

When you select the niche for your Blog you need to post about the main niche

Let’s say your niche is about animals or/and pets

You can make blogs about ” how to care about your animals ” or ” how to play with your pets ” or ” how many hours a dog sleeps per day ”

Hope you understand my point.


I’m sure you don’t know all the information for each topic because we are people, not Google, BUT we are people who can use Google

Let’s say you want to make a Blog about ” how many hours a dog sleeps per day ”

Go Google and start searching this.



This way you can find other blogs with information about this subject, check a few blogs and read what they say about this.


PS: If you know already you don’t need to stay and read what other people say, but is better to still do it and see if you are mistaken something or not


Now going to someone blog, don’t start to copy paste his Blog post on your Blog, this will NEVER help you grow your blog.


Google and other search engine care about content quality unique, if you start copy paste someone else Blog post of this subject then your Blog will never grow

and you will never succeed in this.


Building Blogs content is not really easy, you need to know about your blog niche because this i say on the start of this post, build a blog about what you love to do and you already have experience about if you don’t have experience. you will gonna lose days to learn about it, and is still possible but will not be the same fun when you build something you love to do.


Example if you build a blog about ” Yoga ” and you NEVER did Yoga before,

then you WILL need to learn about this subject and after start making Blog content about it.


One more mistake what most bloggers are doing is, they make very short blog posts, don’t make blogs what is only 10/50 words, people who visit your blog want to see alot of information about this.

Example YOU NOW if you read till now my post then my post is looking interesting for you. ( hope so )


People need information and at the same time entertainment so you keep people come back to your Blog!


A good Blog needs to have at least 50 blog posts, this is the minimum for a blog to success.


A really good blog needs 100 or 150 blogs post with good content and information about your niche, this way you gonna get alot of visitors and the same time your income from your blog will get really good too.


I know alot of people wants to build Blogs in English if you use the English language on your Blog, so your Blog will be understood by alot more visitors

But your English is not perfect, then don’t worry i have a really good fix for this too, i’m the same not native English speaker and i still have alot of issue with my English, but i’m using a program to help me correct my mistakes, and the same time i can learn what mistakes i’m doing when i write using English language.


Even if your native language is English i still suggest to use this program is really easy to set up and use, can help you fix your make mistakes ( don’t forget we are humans, not robots BUT even robots make mistakes )


Grammarly.com i believe is the best application to help you with English write, they even have an application to install it on Chrome, Firefox or another browser.

Installing Grammarly on your browser each time when you make a mistake Grammarly will alert you about this.


Let’s see ” Wwrong Word ”



This is the way Grammarly is alerting you when you have wrong words written on your Blog.


When you click on the Grammarly button, will pop up a window in the same page and will show you how to correct your bad written words



To use this program is FREE but of course, they have paid a subscription to what can give you, even more, help with the English.


Don’t forget the Blog Content is the most important part of your Blog, if you want your Blog to be successful you need good content on it.


If you create a blog post now, and in future, you see mistakes on your old posts don’t be scared to fix them!


Fixing your spelling on your old post, or adding new ideas and new content to your old post will not affect your blog in a negative way, will just help your post get more people to read it.


7) Adding your Blog to search engines like Google and Bing

Now you have your blog started and you start adding your content to your blog

But you want people to find your blog and read your content, the best way to get people to your blog is adding your blog to Google, Bing, Yahoo


Is very easy adding your Blog on a search engine!


Let’s start with adding your blog to Google.

To be able to do this you need to have Gmail.com, if you don’t have then make one.


After you have the Gmail you will need to go Google Webmasters Tools

There you need to submit your Blog domain name

When you submit your Blog domain name to Google, you will receive few ways to validate your domain so Google knows you own this domain.

My favorite way to validate my Blog is to download the HTML file they give to you and upload on your Blog using FTP client, but you can use even meta tag to do it.


When you finish submitting your website to Google make sure you submit your sitemap too.


A sitemap can help alot your website to get faster indexed by Google.

Most time the sitemap URL on WordPress is via https://yourdomain.com/sitemap_index.xml

But of course this can depend on what plugins you are using, some plugins are changing your sitemap location, so you will need to check manually where your sitemap location is.


After you submit your website to Google and added your sitemap


Let’s start with Bing and adding your website.

On Bing Webmasters Tools you can use to register and login only using your Facebook account, or Google Gmail account even Microsoft account.

Go Bing Webmasters Tools and submit your Blog domain there too ( is very similar steps like Google Webmaster Tools )




After that click ” ADD ”



Make sure you add here your sitemap to ( the same sitemap you add on Google )


When you finish click ” Verify “ and done!


Now you have your Blog live with content and added to the biggest search engines out there.


Your only focus now is to add alot of content on your Blog and let Google, Bing to do there job.


Your Job is to give high-quality content to people.


I’m sure some of you will ask how long will take Google, Bing, Yahoo, and another search engine to get my website.

I can tell you Google can take less than 1 day to post your Blog content and even in your first day of release you can get top 1 in your niche with NO SEO made.


Google and Bing care much more about if your content is good for people.


If you give good content then expect a really good boost from the start.


I start this Blog like 1 day ago ( this is the time i create this post ) this Blog is still new.

But because i write on this Blog about what i know and love and have years of experience and Google knows it.

Google decides to boost most of my posts top 1 in the search engine when you search about them.


This is an example, YOU don’t need to focus alot on SEO, your blog can grow even with no SEO build, if your content is good you don’t need to worry about others.


Google and Bing know are not easy to focus on creating good Blog content and to lose time to boost your website via SEO will just eating your time.

Losing a few hours every day building your SEO is better you focus on much better content for your Blog.


Let me explain to you why some people are using SEO and even Black Hat to grow there Blogs because their Blogs content are not good and they don’t focus much on content, and their only way is to use these tricks and grow on Google or Bing or Yahoo.


But using tricks and even Black Hat, you will have the chance to lose your Blog even get banned on a search engine!


I’m sure you heard before some Bloggers lost alot of traffic or their website drop to almost 0.


Most of them who happen this is because they use tricks to boost there Blogs top 1 search engine and when Google and Bing make an update on their search engine and find the bad Bloggers they remove their a website or drop their traffic alot.


Google and Bing they update their algorithm every 3 months.


If you love your Blog then focus on content, don’t worry even if your Blog don’t grow fast and will take time, is better to be slow and for a long period of time

Then to boost using bad strategy and lose your Blog and work in a few months.


Hope my Blog post help you understand how a Blog is built and working and what is good to do and what is not.


If you have any question post a comment and i will do my best to help answer all of them.


Thank you!


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