6 Ways Big Bang Theory can Help in Physics Assignment

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Did you watch Big Bang Theory and think if any scientific facts are true in the series? Or can you get any physics assignment help from it? This sitcom successfully presented its audience with a mixture of comedy and science during its 12 year-long runs on TV. The show not only featured the lives or antics of four scientists and Penny, their neighbour. Comedy was the main attribute of this show. However, the show also took science equally seriously. Each of its episodes was reviewed by a UCLA physics professor named Dr David Saltzberg. He assisted the show to exhibit physics laws accurately. Check out the six science facts that are true, and the show nailed completely.

1. Schrödinger’s Cat

  • If you are a seasoned fan of Big Bang Theory, then you must be familiar with Schrodinger’s cat.
  • You can thank it alone to help us understand such a complicated conundrum.
  • Sheldon used Schrodinger’s cat’s concept earlier in an episode as dating advice for Leonard and Penny.
  • He explained that if we put a cat in a box with a bottle of poison that you can open randomly at any time, then the cat can be regarded as alive and dead till we open the box.
  • The show accurately repeated it to analyze other conundrums on this show later in other seasons.

2. Refrigerating Bread

  • The genius mind of Sheldon did not let the fans of the series only be exposed to complicated theories of science.
  • They became aware of science’s common myths we have faith in our everyday lives.
  • For instance, in season 3, when Sheldon wished to borrow a bread loaf from the apartment of Penny, he explained that it is not great to refrigerate bread.
  • He explained that bread becomes stales due to starch molecules crystallization at cold temperature.
  • According to real science, the bread will faster lose its freshness in fridges because of the components that create the starch molecules.
  • So, we get sound advice from Sheldon, but he also nails such a concept related to chemistry.
  • This will help you with writing my assignment in chemistry.

3. Magnetic Monopoles

  • In Season 2, after Sheldon won a National Science Foundation grant, he got the chance of moving to the North Pole.
  • It was for just three months, and he looked for magnetic monopoles or magnets having one pole.
  • He invited his three best friends to join him there.
  • But the group came back and were unable to find any such magnet.
  • This magnetic monopoles depiction was shown accurately in the sitcom.
  • This is because magnetic monopoles search has not yet been successful in our real world too.

4. The biology of the male body

  • Most sitcoms are seen to crack jokes on a woman’s menstrual cycle, such as how her mood is affected and so on.
  • But this was the first one to include the hormonal cycle of a man.
  • Sheldon asks Leonard if he is mansturating after he is upset about his breakup with Penny.
  • It may not be a real-world cycle, but men undergo some monthly hormonal cycles.
  • Some also go through unique seasonal ones.
  • Men’s testosterone rises in November and becomes lower in April.
  • Men also suffer from PMS or some irritable male syndrome.

5. Jellyfish’s immortality

  • In the Big Bang Theory’s 6thseason, Leonard studies jellyfish and declares the immortality idea.
  • He says that a jellyfish will live forever because it is capable of reverting to its asexual state.
  • You may be surprised or be clueless. But there is real science that supports it.
  • The jellyfish can revert to its asexual state and thus return to an immature cell state.
  • So the jellyfish will be able to survive forever, thus proving its immortality.
  • You can make use of this concept if you need online dissertation help.

6. Eureka moment of Archimedes

  • In season 4, Sheldon invited a few new friends to his apartment as he was upset that his friend Leonard was spending a lot of time with Penny.
  • Sheldon makes everyone aware of Archimedes and the golden crown’s popular story.
  • This fact of water displacement, its usage for determining an object’s volume that is shaped irregularly, is known by many science newbies.
  • Saltzberg explained that gold, the densest material on Earth during the time of Archimedes, can be substituted with some cheaper materials such as silver.
  • The water displacement’s scientific concept can only save anyone from becoming a fool.


Sitcoms can dig up the potential of comedy from highly unlikely setups. Similarly, the Big Bang Theory show is very successful funny and thus makes us aware of some physics facts and jargon that will be beneficial for our physics assignment help.

Author Bio- I am Jacob Benjamin from the United Kingdom working as an assignment expert in MNC. We have a total of 10+ years of experience in creating the best assignment etc. 

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