25th island of Greece ~ How does it become a meme?

25th Island of Greece
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Truly internet is a place of wonders. In recent years, the 25th Island of Greece known as Amorgos has become a meme all over the internet as it also sounds like among us! What is among us? Among us is a game released in 2018 but got its proper hype in 2020 while everyone was in quarantine!

And people started to make memes about this that would relate to Amorgos!!

Origin of 25th of Greece Meme:

Originally, Greece inherited 31 Islands in total, but why do people talk about 25th so much? It’s because the game called Among us as its name is similar to the 25th island of Greeks which is “Amorgos”.

Irving Gray hit the internet with his meme related to Among us by comparing its name with Amorgos as shown below in the picture:

25th of Greece Meme

This was the first time that this meme appeared on the internet and 25th island started to get the hype from all of the members and it became a thing just because of Among Us!

What is among us? And how does it relate to 25th island?

Among us is an online multiplayer game in which different players participate! The game scene starts on the space shuttle. And all of the characters are the crew member of a space shuttle in which at least 2 are the imposters and the other tries to capture the impostor to win the game! You can easily get that game on your mobile, browser, and even on your desktop. Besides the game was released in 2018, but it got its hype in 2020 when different YouTubers starts playing this game in quarantine! And this is when Memers relates its name to the place Amorgos which happened to be the 25 islands of Greece!

Moreover, other than this meme 25th Island of Greece has more to it than it seems! 

History of 25th Island Greece:

Greece ~ A Hellenic Republic country which inherited around 31 Islands in whole world located in South East Europe! And their names are below:

  1. Crete, Κρήτη
  2. Evia, Εύβοια
  3. Lesbos, Λέσβος
  4. Rhodes, Ρόδος
  5. Chíos, Χίος
  6. Cephalonia, Κεφαλονιά
  7. Corfu, Κέρκυρα
  8. Lemnos, Λήμνος
  9. Samos, Σάμος
  10. Naxos, Νάξος
  11. Zakynthos, Ζάκυνθος
  12. Thassos, Θάσος
  13. Andros, Άνδρος
  14. Lefkada, Λευκάδα
  15. Karpathos, Κάρπαθος
  16. Kos, Κως
  17. Kythira, Κύθηρα
  18. Icaria, Ικαρία
  19. Skyros, Σκύρος
  20. Paros, Πάρος
  21. Tinos, Τήνος
  22. Samothrace, Σαμοθράκη
  23. Milos, Μήλος
  24. Kea, Κέα
  25. Amorgos, Αμοργός
  26. Kalymnos, Κάλυμνος
  27. Ios, Ίος
  28. Kythnos, Κύθνος
  29. Astypalaia, Αστυπάλαια
  30. Ithaca, Ιθάκης
  31. Salamis, Σαλαμίνα

But the Island that amuses us is Amorgos, as its history is quite impressive!

The island of Amorgos was known for its participation in the Persian Wars and the Battle of Salamis. Later, after participating in the Athenian Alliance, it lost its autonomy and paid a yearly tax.

The name Amorgos has been variously attributed to Poseidon or Zeus, who, according to mythology, gave the island to his son Phorcys. It appears in the Homeric Hymn to Demeter as Karkisia; some scholars identify these two names as the same place. Homer also mentions Amoron’s children, the prophet Leucippus and his son Arachne from Karkisia.

Early Civilization of the 25th Island of Greece:

Amorgos was a minor island in the Cyclades Islands, lying off the west side of the Naxos main island. It was an important center of Greek mythology and had also great importance for sailing throughout antiquity. Its name comes from Ancient Greek Ampelos and means “Corals” because there were many beautiful coral formations on the shore.

The Cycladic culture was an ancient civilization that thrived from 2800–1600 BC on the islands of the Aegean Sea. One of the most impressive remains of this period is the highly stylized ancient stone statues of men and women, which have been found at many sites in Greece.

What good does meme bring to this Island?

People were not aware of these Islands before. Although Greece was known for its beauty, people did not know about other Islands there. As they thought it to be a myth and more! But when this meme hits different platforms people started searching about and to their surprise they found more than they were looking for!

And now the 25th of Greece is famous all over the internet!

It’s quite interesting that this island has been a meme and they are the islands of Greece. Not only this Island will continue to be a thing on the internet but also next time when you visit Greece, you have to visit Amorgos! And as I have said earlier, it would be great to see this place and get a glimpse of its beauty!!

Is it worth it to pay a visit to this place?

Yes!! It’s worth visiting this place because of its beauty and a glimpse into the ancient Greeks in the Ancient Civilization period!

From Aristotle to Plato, from Hippocrates to Epikouros, from Pythagoras to Arrian, from Homer to Xenophon, and so on. The Island had been a place where the Greeks would gather themselves to converse in their temples, lecture rooms, and other historical places!

In a nutshell:

The 25th island of Greece is famous all over the internet because people found it to be a meme! Not only this but this island has a remarkable history as well, which is quite interesting! However, if you are still in the mood to visit these islands and get an insight into their history and beauty then you should visit Amorgos for sure!

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